“Here are some guys who think they can take a shot at this” — TTELA

TTela brings more news this morning — note how eager other governments are where SweGov completely failed to do anything other than talk:

Is it the Turks the receivers are focused on? The answer is ‘yes’ according to Brightwell Holdings.
“I work closely with Victor Muller, the receivers and others from Saab’s management group” says Brightwell’s Zamier Ahmed – which is even confirmed by Victor Muller.

As earlier reported by TTELA, the Turkish investors Brightwell Holdings want to buy what is left of Saab, and they are confident General Motors would welcome such a deal.

Zamier Ahmed, a board member of the company was yesterday in London. He confirms that the interest in Saab is intact.

“We want to keep Saab in Sweden”.

According to Mr Ahmed and Mr Muller, they have been cooperating closely with Saab’s receivers Anne-Marie Pouteaux and Hans L. Bergqvist and others in the management team of the bankrupted company.

“I believe Brightwell has sufficient funding to cope with this deal” says Victor Muller to TTELA.

Zamier Ahmed notes that Brightwell has been monitoring Saab’s development for more than six months and it is the high quality brand name and technology that is attracting their interest. Brightwell with their strong focus on environmental issues, feels that Saab’s technology fits in well with their policies.

They also have the full support of their own government for buying Saab and have previous experience in the automotive industry, among which is a 2010 acquisition of a European electric car. They are also negotiating with an American yet to be named manufacturer.

13 thoughts on ““Here are some guys who think they can take a shot at this” — TTELA”

  1. Brightwell say that GM should be OK with them buying Saab. It sounds like the unnamed American manufacturer they are discussion other business with is GM.

    I still hope that Youngman will be the new owner and that they can resume production of the current cars. It’s unbelievable that GM is allowed to act like racists against a potentiell owner.

    • Keep in mind that my translation is not 100% accurate and I may have misunderstood certain parts of the original article.

      My interpretation of that particular passage is that Brightwell are looking to buy a small manufacturer in the US as well. That does not make much sense to me, but I chose to include it anyway.

        • I would rate that as a good guess from what is stated in the article.

          In that case, what TTELA reported suddenly makes some sense to me. Brightwell could very well be on to something good if they combine Saab with Tesla IMO.

          • Agree!! As I have been writing several times, here and i Swedish media-blogs, I find it very small-sighted from the Swedish Gvtm. to neglect Saab like they have been doing, not at least, because SAAB have a great potential in developing green transportation-technology!!!

  2. Until GM confirms they’ve even talked to them about it, I am taking it as the same smoke and mirrors as before. The number one job now is to talk to GM, even before talking to receivers – if they want to buy Saab as a going concern, that is.

    • GM’s blessing, an investor/company with deep pockets and a fast decision process, that is clearly the ideal picture.

      But during these past three years I have seen no sign of GM cooperating. I was surprised at the press conference where VM said that GM was very cooperative last summer, so maybe I’m wrong.

      If someone comes along who takes a slightly different route to get to the finish line, then I think it needs to be considered. GM were unwilling a few months ago to clearly state which terms would be acceptable to them. I think they will continue in the same vein. (yes, I am speculating. But that is kind of my point: The lack of information from GM leads to speculation. Youngman are now circumventing that by simply taking GM out of the picture completely)

      • It’s interesting to speculate about it. If YM actually decide to assemble a YM Lotus car in THN (and I assume it will not be a UK Lotus model but one of the Youngman Lotuses they already deal with in their Chinese production facilities) then it would clearly not be for the Chinese market but for Europe and -maybe- the USA. Assembling cars in Sweden and shipping them to China wouldn’t seem to be an economically sound route… well, it would be sheer economical madness.

        That would mean that they would need to get EU approval and pass the safety testing to be able to sell in Europe at all. I don’t think that any YM models have already been subjected to that. On the other hand, they would then become an Europe-based manufacturer (like Honda/Triumph at the time or MG today) and so could profit from possible subsidies offered by Europe (and Sweden?) as an incentive for new industrial production.

        I wonder what model Lotus they are considering to build in THN that may be interesting for the European markets. And at what price level they would position that car.

        Or maybe this is just a smoke screen designed to win over the receivers by promising to keep THN alive.


        • I can see nothing positive about a Chinese transaction that does not include the ability to manufacture the current lineup of vehicles. If this happens there will be too great a gap in manufacturing and this will become a Rover/Roewe Chinese fiasco from which it will be nearly impossible for Saab to recover. I see nothing positive about producing the current Chinese garbage in the Saab plant-it does not make sense economically to do so and who would really want the cars??

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