Home News from the Mad Dutchies.

The guys are working very hard in the OutSide Saab offices in Holland and here is the latest World Wide News.
42 countries, 105 events ;_) have been in touch so far.

As for Holland itself, 1139 saabs are heading for the Dutch get together.
The rally plates are ready and I’ve printed a break down of the models after the jump.
2x 92
3x 93
5x 95
9x Sonett
62x 96
55x 99
9x 90
265x 900
69x 9000
31x 900 NG
435x 9-3
188x 9-5
3x 9-5 NG
1x 9-2X
2x 9-7X
10x Viggen
140x Aero
3x Turbo X
219x Cabrio
122x Estate
1x Safari
1x Elektro

16 thoughts on “Home News from the Mad Dutchies.”

  1. Extremely nice initiative to make them in plastic so one can keep them as a sweet memory on the wall of the garage afterwards.
    Amazing over 1100 “registered” Saabers coming.
    I hope we can beat that here in Sweden on home turf!

  2. I like the slogan and also the graphics.
    Even more so when you know that it was all put together in such a very short time….good work!

  3. All of us at the Dutch HQ are suffering from way too much coffee, (way too many smokes, oops) not enough sleep, and a mailbox that would perhaps just fit inside the QEII 😉
    Amazingly we are still having people registering for the Dutch event. Amazingly we are still receiving information regarding new events worldwide.

    Registration we are doing to give us some form of an idea of what will be awaiting us on Sunday.
    Rally plaques are ready, we’re just hoping we have enough of them for all those who will be joining.

    If we tot up all cars, stating they are about 4.5 metres long, we would have just over 5 km of Saabs, if parked bumper-to-bumper.

    Grin, last time, during the Convoy Era, we got pipped at the post by the Swedes, who had a staggering number of cars in Trollhattan. Somehow, I think we will not better that record (I think we would have a serious problem if we did) but it would be fun to have more cars this time than in the motherland.

    Journalists are waking up, just this morning I was called by the Swedish radio, did another interview for the cause we all share. Positive message will hopefully be airing in Sweden somewhere this week.

    The best thing? Well, our vrienden van Saab (The Friends Of Saab) who have made it possible to create an event for FREE for all our Saab enthusiasts. A very BIG THANK YOU (Dank je wel in Dutch) goes out to all of them. Have a look at them here if you like! We really are grateful for them helping us out at such short notice. Take a bow all of you who helped out in all sorts of ways.


      The world’s highways came to a halt for 2 days [14-15th January] all because there were so many SAAB cars blocking the Roads. 1000’s everywhere..!!!

  4. I´m sure that if those plates were sold at the same time as the stickers… you would have the twice the job and twice the sales!! lol The same for the window sticker!
    But for something organized at last minute… It´s an hell of a nice job indeed!!
    Here in Portugal we will have the same gathering as the annual meeings we do! 😀 Later i´ll show you the numbers and pics!

    Keep pushing!!

  5. They are really nuts, those Dutchies 🙂
    Isn’t there any Dutch billionaire who is willing to buy SAAB?

    P.S. I printed and attached the “We Are Many – We are Saab” banner to my convertible today!
    Stuttgart, here we come.

  6. A person of Dutch descent is referred to as a Dutchman. Or in the case of a ship that can never return to port:”A Flying Dutchman”.

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