Interview with My Saab Friends, Part One

For fun, I decided to interview a few of my female Saab friends. I thought it would be fun to grab a demographic and see what they have to add to our rich group! In Part One, I interviewed Madelene from Sweden, and Meg from New York. I asked them 6 questions about their Saabs, and here are their answers:

A: So tell me the story! How did the two of you meet? Was it love at first sight? What attracted you?

Madelene: First thing of all, I just gotta say this…I love that you ask questions
about my car, that makes it sound like I’ve met a acctual person in life. Cause I kinda did, my car isnt just a car. She’s ‘The Beauty’, a Saab. She’s more than “just a car” to me. And I do have feelings for my Saab. The first time I was introduced to my car, I saw love and I felt love. Its just as simple as that. My Saab 9-5 became a family member 2009 when my mom bought ‘The beauty’. My mom gave me a call one day and told me that she was looking for a car, and she wanted me to pick out one for her. Money wasnt a problem, she just had one condition. – It had to be a Saab. So the searching began, I went bizarre looking in ads for the perfect car. I was searching for days, and then I saw this outstanding blue diamond. A midnight blue 9-5 sedan, 2.0T with 150HP. The color was amazing, and it really was love at first sight. The sweet lines, the curves,and the clear lights. I could tell by the look of her that she was a real fighter. ‘The Beauty’ took my breath away.

Meg: My first meet with Saab was back in 1979. A friend of mind had a 96 with the rollback roof like in the picture I hoped I linked below. We all made fun of his car, the 2-stroke, but it was amazing how it would go through any NH snow storm. It was not love at first sight.My next meeting came in 1982. I was selling Nissan in NH. A customer came in with a 900 to trade and my manager had me go out to drive it up to the showroom for him. I got in the car and for the life of me couldn’t find the ignition.To this day, I remember the laugh he had at my expense. Whenever we saw a Saab drive in to the lot we would make the sign of the Cross and say “keep away”….I was a Ricer at this time. Then came my love for VW when I started selling the German Trio. VW, Audi and MB still in NH. Flash forward to 1987 and my move back to the New York Metro area. I was highly recommended from my DP in NH to work for a friend of his in Greenwich, CT the mecca of all things money and flashy cars. This was the start of my real love affair with Saab, selling them together with VW. Working at this Dealership we had the perks of having demos. Mine were Saabs even though I still was a VW owner. We were also the # 1 Dealer in the states for sales in the early 90’s. What a high that was riding that wave. On weekends if I needed a bigger car (900 demo in Rose Quartz), I would go in and and take a 9000 for the weekend, or any other Saab we used for test drives. My first Saab I bought was in 1992 after owning 5 VeeDub’s. A natural progression. Top in safety, a beautiful silhouette, and impressive to drive. Driving was my passion and having a car that handled well and in extremes was key. Plantana Gray 900T. At this time I opted out from having a demo because I just wanted to show off my beautiful Saab and what I owned.The days of Prep and Pomp. From there, 1995 NG900, 98 9-3, 01 9-5 SC, 04 9-5 SC, 07 9-3 SC Anniversary Ed, and my current 08 9-3 SC. Of course the 2 classic 900’s I own with my husband. The 86 SPG, a work in progress and the 93 900T Vert.

B: What is your favorite thing about your Saab?

Madelene: My favorite thing about my car is that no matter if its a cloudy, rainy or a snowy day, she ALWAYS sparkles like the diamond she is! And I love the fact that my car never disappoints me. Its such an amazing car in every way, you know. I know and I love every single inch of it. I can stroke the lines and curves of my car and feel a static love, a power stronger than anything. I always say “Saab – Pure power, pure love”, thats the only words I know to explain my passion for Saab. Cause the driving experience is such a thrill, and when its playtime she’s more than alert.

Meg: Favorite thing…things not just one. Comfort of seats especially on long drives, along with superb handling and safety. And they’re fun to drive!

C: Will you continue to drive a Saab, and why?

Madelene: Absolutely, theres no doubt about it. Saab has always been a big part of my life, and it always will be. I cant get the same satisfaction from another brand than Saab. Saab set the bar sky high already from the first beginning, it has a soul. Its such a rush to see, feel and drive a Saab. It doesnt matter what car it is. Behind the wheel of a Saab Im the freaking queen of the road. No other brand can live up to that.

Meg: : Of course I will continue to drive Saab. Once you drive a Saab, there is no turning back. Nothing else comes close to my heart. I do get teased about it a lot. I could go off on the whole parts availability to keep my 08 on the road (hoping this is resolved soon), but I won’t go there.

d: Will you attend a rally this weekend?

Madelene: Yes I will attend at the support rally in Trollhättan next week. Its a great opportunity to meet up with with awesome Saab friends, enjoy the cars and just feel the power. We will rock their minds.  They cant take us down, cause we will always have our cars. No one can take away our pride.

Meg: Attending a rally I hope too, but being that I work Saturdays may be tough. So far nothing in my area have been planned for the 15th on Sunday.

e: Any messages for the female Saabistas out there?

Madelene: To all of you female Saabers out there, step forward. We wont bite. Promise.
Forget about all of the prejudices thats out there, we’re a part of being Saabers too.
And its time to show our support, maintaining the Saab spirit. Showing that female Saabers DO exist.

Meg: To my fellow female Saabinistas, it is amazing to find so many woman dedicated to the brand and so in love with their cars like myself. I feel it to be a honor to be in that club, feeling the pride and joy of driving a Saab. The sexiness of a well detailed car, the sun reflecting off it’s mirror like surface sharing the smiles we all have knowing what it is to be Saab. Having attended a few American Classic Car Shows in my area and not seeing many women there. Much more testosterone driven venue I guess. Not true for Saab. Woman power, Griffin up

f: (Feel free to add any little tidbit you want here)

Madelene: And to all of you Saab enthusiasts out there, we can do this. We need to show that we’re strong. And that we wont let anyone bring us down. They cant take away our pride. We will always have our cars and eachother, dont ever forget that. we are stronger than ever, we are many, we are Saabers. Release the power!

Meg: I know this is a tough time for all us. All we want is for Saab to be given the chance and show what a bright future they can have with the great new products in the pipeline ( and of course to all the naysayers). There is no other car company I know of that has such an incredible fan base, the sense of family we share being a part of this great car from it’s inception. My thanks go out to VM for doing what he has done…if only for a fleeting moment in the time of Saab’s history. He gave his all, and he hasn’t given up yet no matter how tough it’s been. My hopes and prayers and thanks to all those in TH. And thanks to Swade and SU for bringing us all together.

Stay tuned for Part Two, when I interview three more fabulous Saabistas!

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We’re maybe a small group, but we’re strong, intelligent, independent, creative and loyal to the core personalities.
Twenty-five years (1987) and no one shall ever take my passion for Saab from me. Enough said.


Like that.


I love this one. So true!
“Once you drive a Saab, there is no turning back.”

meg haviland

UPDATE to d. NY Tri-state area: NY, CT, NJ We are many, we are Saab Rally-1/15/2012-Meg Haviland When Sunday, January 15, 2012 Time 9:00am until 12:00pm Where IKEA Parking Lot Brooklyn, One Beard Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 We can Rally and the store opens up at 10am and also have breakfast. Meet up at the far outdoor lot. Hope to have stickers “We are many, we are Saab” available. Dress warm…. My Admin for this event passed the ball on this one on FB and never told me. He knew I would take it and run with it (made me… Read more »

Steve C.

Hi Meg. Nice story as it ads to what I already know about you and I’ve seen several of those referenced cars. The Outside Saab US page has updated the NJ event in Bridgewater on Saturday, Jan 14 at 1 PM at Duke Island Park. Directions can be found wit the listing.

At least you have a Sunday event you can go to!

Abigail Coyle

Cheers from another Saab Sister


interview me please…..who can beat my 22 saab’s in 32 years ?

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