Interview with My Saab Friends, Part Two

Here is the follow up interview with my friends, that I posted yesterday. I interviewed my friend James and his wife, Kathy, from the US; Michi from the US; and last but not least, Christine, who hails from Germany! Enjoy, and I cannot wait to see how our rallies do over the weekend!

a: So tell me the story! How did the two of you meet? Was it love at first sight? What attracted you?

James: We were looking for a car to replace my beautiful Blazer ZR2. I really liked the Blazer but the maintenance became too much with its age and mileage. Jim looked online and found many cars that he wanted to look at. He found a blue 9-3 at the local dealer, but was told it was already sold. He was at work that weekend and decided to go over to the dealer anyway to see what else they had. We found a Combi that caught our eye but found out it was already sold. Jim saw the blue car that he had found on line and asked about it. The salesperson said that the car was indeed sold earlier but the buyer could not get financing so it was in fact, available. Jim asked if we could take the car for a over night test drive and they let us take the car home. I felt at the time the car had to much mileage on it, but the car ran nice. The car appeared to be well taken care of for the millage and the price was affordable so we bought it the next day.

Michi: Saab was always my center of attention. My husband used tell me how impressive Saab was when someone(96, 900) gave him a ride. I myself was in friend of mine’s many times. yes! I wanted Saab if I ever get one. I had been reading Steven’s SaabsUnited more than 4 years. so my dream grew. When I decided get one Saab was also in deep trouble but i must be out of my mind. I met with my little 93 more than 3yrs ago in some dealership where I never ever wanted to go back. First Sight? mine? Hmmm yes or no! my husband and I were looking for my Saab for close to 1 year, we were that picky! we finally did some test drive a couple 95 from different small shop but when I saw one 93 black, that was it. I called in this dealership and made an app to meet her, when I got to the shop she was gone. Then I was so tired of trying others. I wanted 93 anyway. I checked what they have and test drove mine. It was great, comfortable seat, nice stealing, it was a bit heavy start but I decided to bring her home. That was my very first, my very own Saab. I got her in super snowy winter, so it was very impressive, but there was problem one after the other. I think my Saab was miss treated by the dealership where I bought from.I really should not talk about it. I was wondering around back in forth to this dealership every 3months about 1 year and half which gave me great lesson. I’m not tech so I knew very little about fixing things, girlish right? I started to research technical words,read Saab blogs, joined rally,Saab meetings. I meet with wonderful Saab owners, people work for Saab. I learned a lot from them. I finally sent my 93 to the hospital where people know about Saab. Yes! She was happy as a punch. She is like my kid, I’m so attached to her. What attracted me? She is stylish. Some call mine parchment gray, but I think more like goldish. She looks great by the beach, by the snow, ice rink, shine!

Christine: Easy to say:  after years of different cars like Mercedes, Opel ( so sorry !), VW, Citroen and Audi, the time has come for my own SAAB. My husband Tom ( he`s infected since youth by Saab/ famous for his german “” ) searched for a new car for me… And it was soon really obvious: it had to be a Saab ! In 2011 the Saab situation was already difficult to find THAT special car for my purposes… Dog shows…transporting cages , equipment and some dogs ( Cavaliers and Chihuahua ). So one day he localized a 9 3 , phoned and next day he went to Hamburg early in the morning,  bought my car and drove 600km back home. I was really really happy to get the keys….to my own SAABine :-))) She`s a 9 3 sport wagon ! So great ! I was wowed !

b: What is your favorite thing about your Saab?

James: I think the ride is smooth. It’s roomy, heated leather seats are nice and I like the parchment interior with the blue outside.

Michi: more than everything! Stylish!, distinctive, safe, i rarely see this color, personality, great on highway. You seldom notice that you exceed speed limit, way much., quick pick up on highway, it’s fun.

Christine: SAABine is beautiful, fast and so swedish 🙂

c: Will you continue to drive a Saab, and why?

James: At the present time I do not think I would purchase another SAAB. Hopefully things will turn around for them but the current uncertainty upsets me since our son just bought his 2011 Saab and now has no warranty.

Michi: Yes! because there is no other car is like Saab. Someone asked me a same question when Saab filed bankruptcy! I answered i’ll buy another Saab! I wish for vintage or classic 900 or… a future.

Christine: I`m sure…nothing comes between me and my SAABine *ggg* No, when I think seriously about:  staying  saabish…it`s a passion 🙂

d: Will you attend a rally this weekend?

James: Yes, I will participate with Jim at the rally to Longwood Gardens

Michi: I’ll attend Boston Rally! which will be weeks from now, 21st. I may go up Albany next week based on the weather condition, 3hours drive.

Christine: Well, I agreed to an internat. dog show in Nuremberg on saturday, but I consider to cross some friends on sunday. Would be a big pleasure meeting so many Saabisti !

e: Any messages for the female Saabistas out there?

Michi: As I mentioned, I meet with great women Saab drivers in Saab meetings, New England area over the years. It always has been blast meeting with them. I wish there are more. There are so many Saab woman drivers in New England area, but they are not like me, show up rally, meetings. I wish they do. more fun.

Christine: Out of real life….better to drive a Saab….

f: (Feel free to add any little tidbit you want here)

Michi: I have to include my daughter too. She truly love Saab, she loves to meet with Saab owners, cars, always excited about it. She started when she was just before turn 5yrs old, she could be one of the youngest enthusiast . She wanted Saab to be arrive, stay on road, wants to drive soon she’ll get licence. I’m not a tech, I just love Saab! I love people who love Saab! My five cents. Thanks.

Christine: Our living room shelters two big SAAB neon signs, our new carport will soo be illuminated by a huge ” S A A B ” ( crazy as I am…bought it in Munich, let it collect and transport  to our home,  incredibly big and heavy-weigth) …so let`s wait to be accepted as a dealer`s garage *haha*


Thank you very much, gals, for taking part in the interviews! I think this will help make the Saabistas even stronger.! Go Saab!

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  1. Nice interview. For all of you North American Saab owners, please go to the GM Facebook page and like and comment on my post. We shall try to lobby for our 2010-2011 Saab warranties en masse.

    Happy New Year GM, How about doing the right thing and picking up the warranty on our 2010-2011 Saabs which contain about 90% GM parts? It’s the LEAST you could do after seeing to the death of our brand, our resale values, and our ability to get our vehicles fixed, even in the event of a safety recall.

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