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I was on the internet today as like everyday searching for Saab related news and came across an interview with none other then our very own Tim. Below is the google translation of the interview. Good job Tim and thanks for representing us in such a way.

Saab enthusiasts around the world will meet on Saturday to demonstrate their support for Saab.

– We want to show the potential Saab buyers that they are not just buying a brand without a very strong and loyal customer base, said Tim, who runs enthusiast blog Saab United.

The idea for the meeting comes from the Dutch Saab Clubs and has since spread worldwide. Under the slogan “We are many, we are The Saab” (We are many, we are Saab) will meet fans this weekend at 90 locations in over 40 countries.

– It shows that the Saab brand is by no means dead, even if the plant is stationary, said Tim Rokka.

– We also want to show respect for what Victor and the Saab employees have done when they have fought until the very end, he continues.

In Sweden, the meeting will be held on Saturday at 12 at Saab in Trollhättan, and participants come from all over the country.

– I myself run from Växjö. Many are from Stockholm and I have heard that it is even running down people from Umeå to be there, said Tim Rokka.

When Saab would be closed down in 2010 Saab enthusiasts arranged similar meetings around the world, but then in the form of Saab Caravans that rolled through the streets. The time slot 2000 cars in Trollhattan, but as many participants Tim Rokka does not expect on Saturday.

– The amount is not important, that’s what we want to show that matters. If it’s one hundred, we are very happy and everyone is welcome even if they do not drive a Saab, he says.

LO is a union and this is their newspaper. For anyone wanting to read it in Swedish, here is the link.

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Good show, Tim!
The world will know…we’ll give the potential buyers extra worldwide brandawareness….for free!
May SAABSSSS roll forever! Look forward to We are many, we are Saab in Paris on saturday. That beatifull city will become even prettier!
Good luck to you all! René (Dutch living in Paris)


According to CNN(1/11) “NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Neither bankruptcy nor a liquidation can kill iconic brands.
Before the ink was even dry on Hostess Brands’ bankruptcy filing Wednesday morning, interested buyers were already digging into the potential value of the Hostess name and how Twinkie, Ding Dong or Wonder Bread could be repurposed into other consumer products.”

Kinda looks encouraging: Neither bankruptcy nor a liquidation can kill iconic brands.


Way to go!!!. Spread the message.

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