MapTun Demo at SF Bay Area Event

Just a few days ago I received a MapTuner from State of Nine and performed a stage 1 performance upgrade.  Once the dust settles after all of the We are many, We are Saab events take place I will go into all the juicy details of the MapTun upgrade, and my experiences with it.

2007 9-3 SS Arc 2.0T MapTun Stage 1
2007 9-3 SS Arc 2.0T MapTun Stage 1

I do not want to give away just yet, as a full-length feature would be required to do it justice.  But for now, let me just say: if you have been thinking about ordering MapTun from State of Nine: just do it.  I just can’t think of a single upgrade that  would give you more bang for you buck than MapTun.  But do not take my use of the word “Bang” too literally, as it delivers the extra horsepower with a level of refinement I didn’t think was even possible.  For those of you who plan on attending the Rallye ‘Round the Bay (which is the San Francisco Bay Area edition of the We are many, we are Saab movement), I will be demonstrating MapTun to folks who are interested.  I will also have the MapTuner with me so that you can see first hand how it works.  Who knows you might learn some new features of MapTun that you never knew existed.

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I did it to my 2009 9-5 SC in early 2010. MapTun Stage 1 on a S-U special. This gave my ‘Combi mid-range pull that my untuned 2007 9-5 Aero didn’t have.

I needed the extra pull on my commute just this evening. Apparently turn signals are optional on BMW 3-series and I had to go from casual merge to MapTun merge.

Have fun and good luck with the demo tomorrow.

Best wishes to everyone making the We Are Saab drives tomorrow.

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