Museum cars — recent pictures

MK sent us the link to a .pdf document from the receivers which contains two pictures for almost every car in the collection.

PeterS told me yesterday that “this was a pleasant, but also a bit sad weekend” which echoes my own feelings as well. The same goes for this document. I am worried about the museum’s future, but it feels good to see the pictures. As I behold the silver Sonett 2 (page 32), I feel more confident that this car can face the challenges ahead for the brand. We fans face some uphill struggles this year, but no reason to give up just yet. Giving up will reap few rewards.

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I am very sad when I see those pictures!
How must Peter Bäckström feel, he knows each car of the museum better than anyone else, I guess…


Its a pity that Saab never brought the innovative bicycle rack to market (93 SC concept, page 113). That feature alone would have me sold!

Henrik B.

The only thing the receivers are doing, by this sale, is covering their own arses!! It’s all about getting the filthy hands on some cash, so they’re sure to get paid for their work!!!



Let us not leap to conclusions. This could be the first formal step in letting e.g. Innovatum take over the museum.


I really hope that is the case!

hans h

+95 (V4)


Hope so to!


It’s a shame that the Swedish government don’t treat the cars as a national treassure and take care of them!

Troels, Denmark

Those pictures (even though they are not very good pictures), once again, demonstrates the original way of thinking all the way through the history of Saab. Wonderful and artistic cars and – unlike what you could say about most cars – a treasure off both technical and cultural history.


May I ask “MK” to upload somewhere all these pictures with their best resolution?
I’m sure not only me will be very appreciative for that !!!


Can’t do that, sorry.
It’s not my pictures. it is the receivers images.


Sad news aside… What a fantastic list of cars and photos!

Red J

If you love SAAB cars this list must be like heaven for you.

If I could I would take at least one dozen of those home!!!

  • Viggen proto
  • Viggen
  • Last 9-3 first gen
  • Last Cab in Finland
  • First cab in THN
  • 9-3 Bio-hybrid
  • 9-5 E100 prototype
  • 9-5 with variable compression engine
  • Last 9-5SC
  • First 9-5
  • 4 Million Saab (9-3SC)
  • 99 turbo in pearl white

Well, if I could I would take them all, and the building and the employees. 🙁

Peter Gilbert

I really feel for Peter as this is his “Family.” I too have been a member of this family since 1967. It is like witnessing a loved one in critical, wondering if they are going to recover with a miracle. I will never forget that day in February 2006 when I called Peter at the Museum to discuss plans for the future of the million mile SPG. I needed to calculate the mile yet to drive and where we were going to pass the milestone. At first we thought of doing this at the Swedish Convention in August 2006. That… Read more »

Tom Nelson

Is the link to the photos from the administrators now dead?
I missed seeing it but I get an error message now.


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