16 thoughts on “Pressconference in Göteborg Saturday”

    • If so, then i hope the complete museum, including al of the SAAB’s are sold and will be together for ever in Trollhättan, just were they are.

      • Yeah, me too. I took a look at all the objects yesterday. I was trying to figure out weather I should make a bid for one or more cars or not. My budget doesn’t allow any but what the h… We’ll see. It’s not friday yet.

    • Friday is the last day for placing bids on the museum cars. I’m hoping that the bidding process is just a formality and there’s a deal in play to save the museum. I don’t even want to think about the museum being sold off piece by piece – it would be demoralizing to Saab enthusiasts who are already depressed over the news of December 19th.

  1. I am just thinking on why they would schedule a conference about SAAB museum? And why just on Saturday, I don’t think they will have to announce their decision so soon. I hope that they will be presenting the progress and hopefully the inner circle of potential bidders they start negotiating with.

  2. I have a friend at Semcon and he said the deal with SAAB is done. 🙁 That would mean no more cars in Trollhättan!! 🙁
    Also Semcons HQ is in Gothenburg.

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