Request for an additional receiver to be processed by the court

The court today announced that they have received a petition from the receivers to add another receiver to the team. The receivers have nominated Kent Hägglund from DLA Nordic.

“Circumstances exists that could mean a conflict of interest for both receivers in questions pertaining to the ‘SAAB’ trademark, the griffin logo and the SAAB company [“firmadominanten SAAB”] and related issues.” (from the petition filed by the receivers)

It is also worth pointing out that the unions have been talking about requesting new receivers since they feel they have not received enough information. The workers need information pertaining to salaries, and be told when they should apply for unemployment benefits.

Hopefully adding a third receiver will speed up the process. This seems to be a better solution than start over from scratch with a completely new receiver team.

At least one of the receivers have owned several Saabs. I believe Saab’s future is in the hands of someone with good intentions. And that counts for a lot.

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    • That the receiver are requesting for help about the intricate question about the trademark can indicate that a sale is preatty close, but what do I know…

  1. I have to say, I still don’t get it. We “have to be told” when to apply for unemployment benefits? It’s perfectly simple, and we’ve “been told” several times over already. The information is all there, for anyone who cares to actually read it: our salaries are currently covered by the state fund (“lönegarantin”). So far, we’ve received the November salaries, currently awaiting the December ones. Everyone who’s been let go has received a date of termination of employment, in my case that’s 12 January. After that date, we all have a termination period of one or more months (the number of months is regulated by law and depends on how long you’ve been an employee). There’s also a cap to the amount of money that the state fund will pay, I believe it’s 171200 kr. Depending on how much you earn, you may reach that limit before your termination period is over. So, you need to apply for your unemployment insurance to kick in at one of two possible dates; either when your termination period ends, or when you reach 171200 kr.
    The administrators have said over and over again that we WILL be told individually if and when we hit the cap. Quit being so freakin’ impatient, let the administrators focus on the most important task at hand (we all know what that is, or at least we all should). If you worry about hitting the cap, it should be pretty straightforward to figure it out by yourself. Exactly WHEN you hit it will be harder, but it won’t happen anytime soon unless you have a very high salary – which is why the administrators have also said they’re prioritizing calculations for those with the highest salaries.

    Unions: it doesn’t have to be this hard. Just kick back, relax a little, wait for the individualized information to arrive. You’re not doing anyone any favors by flooding the administrators with unnecessary requests. PLEASE let them work in peace, just for a little while, so they can focus on trying to find a good buyer for Saab?

    • Hands up, finally we get a comment from someone who is directly involved. I know Tim probably say here we go again Joe has added another negative comment. It’s far from a negative comment I add, but I just can’t understand comments such as above: ‘Hopefully adding a third receiver will speed up the process.’ and yes they own Saab’s so they must have an interest to save Saab, as I said before if a fraction of Saab owners brought new Saab’s, the company would not be in the position they are now.

      So as Emil, says let them work in peace, just for a little while, so they can focus on trying to find a buyer for Saab.

      • FWLIW: When I hastily wrote “hopefully adding a third receiver will speed up the process”, I was not necessarily referring to the unions.

        It is my belief that several parties are interested in continuing the production and I _hope_ it will happen sooner rather than later. That is why I hope adding a third receiver will speed things up.

        “as I said before if a fraction of Saab owners brought new Saab’s, the company would not be in the position they are now”

        Well, if you had read any of the replies, I’m pretty sure you’d know by now that sales were increasing every month, and new products were just around the corner (9-3 Griffin and 9-5 SC — both quite significant). Many were waiting for the 9-5 SC e.g.. This was predicted all along.

      • I’m pretty cool already, thank you. The whole point is that the unions are demanding answers that the administrators can’t give yet. Such demands just add to their workload, and the result is that the answers will be delayed even further because the administrators have to spend valuable time explaining that the answers WILL come, if we’re only a little bit more patient.

        Sure, the administrators have been rather quiet. But I doubt the unions would be much happier if they were to get daily updates, all saying “we’re not quite done yet, it’s a lot of work and please hold on and we’ll provide the answers ASAP”. I for one am confident the process isn’t being stalled in any way, they’re doing all they can. It’s a lot of work, and it has to be done right.. just wait a little. The world’s not going to end because we have to wait for individualized information. If, in a couple of weeks time, people still feel they’re in the dark, THEN might be the time to start pushing for answers. Not now.

    • Of course there is a chance for that. What I understood it was Saab AB (aeroplane-company) who pointed out that one of Saab:s receiver from the law firm Delphi previously represented Saab AB in a question of the trademark. If the name “SAAB” should be used by another owner in the future, both Saab AB and Scania need to approve this and I think the potential buyer must present a serious solution for these two companys if they should approve that.

  2. I find it rather surprising that 3 weeks after their appointment, the receivers find they might have a conflict of interest with regard to the Saab trademark. It was not a secret that this was an issue at the time of the BR. Wasn’t a conflict check performed at the outset regarding this issue? At least in the US, that would be standard procedure for a law firm.

    • I suppose the administrators had no conflict of interests for their “client” Saab Automobile (plus Saab Tools and the rest) from the outset. No conflict check has been made for the parties to agreements with Saab Automobile (including license agreements), as there should have been no evident reason thereto, whilst such parties must be numerous. There must be no lawyer in Sweden who has never had any matters with any of Saabs contractors.

      The fact that they want to go around the trademark conflict of interest must be a positive sign, as is most likely means they are exploring the possibility of entering a NEW contract which relates to the trademarks. The previous license agreements have been cancelled from the moment of entering bankruptcy, as I understand.

  3. I hope the effort put in by the Receivers in the past few weeks to identify serious buyers will not be wasted. A solution to revive the company must be found at all cost. There is no other option.

  4. What I find odd is that 3 days after the bankruptcy was filed Novembers salaries were paid. (3 Days!)
    We have still not received Decembers salary…

    How can it take 3 days to pay us for November and here we are three weeks later still noy been paid for December!

    As for the watershed on salaries, if you earn 36kkr/month and have saved holiday, plus time in the flex bank, plus 21 days of holiday already earned… you will have hit the 171 200kr limit before the end of 2010.

    In short: The well paid engineers are entotled to nothing after 1 January… so they will already have left or be looking for new jobs.

    • Heh.. I’m one of the “well paid engineers”. Won’t get a dime for the time in the flex bank, and they’ll likely cancel out the holiday because I still “owe” the company 4 weeks (that, according to the contract, I would have to reimburse them for if I decided to quit within 5 years). No saved holidays. I’ll be good to go until at least the end of February. There are a lot of people like me. Still haven’t left, not yet actively looking elsewhere.

      Oh, and it doesn’t require that much thought to figure out how they could pay out the November salaries so quickly and keep us waiting for the December ones: the November salaries were paid ASAP according to the pay slips that had already been issued. Before paying out the December salaries, they have to do the math for each and every one of us, for each individual figure out exactly how much should be paid according to the new world we’re living in post 19 December. Obviously a rather hefty job, especially compared to just grabbing a bunch of existing pay slips and ordering the bank to handle them.

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