Request to add one more receiver granted

The courts today decided to grant the receivers’ request to add a third receiver to resolve issues pertaining to the “SAAB” trademark, the Griffin logo, the SAAB consortium and related concerns.

Kent Hägglund from DLA Nordic thus becomes the third receiver working on Sweden’s largest bankruptcy.

14 thoughts on “Request to add one more receiver granted”

  1. This sounds hopeful! Can’t wait to hear how this pans out! If they’re discussing logos then there has got to be a chance for them to revive the brand.

    • I´m just wondering, is media knowing at all what is happening behind the scenes at the moment? Two companies, YM and Turkies give some comments, soem rumors flying here and there but are there things going with Mahindra and Magna for example, but they have different policy, not giving any comments.
      Well, whatever. I´m very happy to participate to a Saab-meeting in Saturday here in Finland and even more happy to next Monday travel to Sweden to pick up used 9-3 aero convertible, which I bought 2 days ago. Yes, I bought a Saab! And it is not the last Saab I will buy.

    • It does sound hopeful, but SAAB dealers are dropping like flies, with signed deals to switch to different marques. Some of the oldest and most popular SAAB dealers in existence are moving to Mercedes, BMW, and other brands.

      Even if SAAB lives, SAAB will die due to the lack of a distribution and service network. Thank GM for that, everyone! 🙁

      • I hadn’t heard that U.S. Saab dealers are dropping like flies. I know a few of them went out—-but I think many of them remain. If Saab lives, they will be able to rebuild a dealer network.

  2. Hmmmm….I’m not sure if this news bite is positive, negative or neutral—-but I’ve got to believe it’s not negative. If this process is nothing more than a wind-down, I don’t know if they’d need the third receiver and I don’t know if there would be specific concerns about the trademark and logo. Something might be brewing.

    • I think this is a positive news. It seems that someone out there is interested in buying SAAB brand for real, not just telling that to the press. I remember Tim listing the negotiations with SAAB AB about the name as a prerequisite for a good buyer. But I think that Tim was wrong about this one. I think it is the best if the SAAB is sold as a complete package (of course as much as possible) by the receivers.
      It would be extremely good if the GM IP could be part of the package, but it doesn’t seem that it will work that way.

      Have you seen an article on TTELA about that BAIC having power to decide if the old 9-3 could be produced. It seems that TTELA have hidden it now, and our dear DI doesn’t report on that, so I hope it was just a wild rumor.

  3. The main reason for this is that one of the law firms who handle the bankruptcy previously has represented Saab AB on the issues surrounding the brand and the logotype so there is no negative effect in that way.

  4. if there was no attempt being made to keep the brand…i doubt this would be an it seems there is some interest in some of the buyers to keep the brand. i would dump scania…keep SAAB…and maybe refresh the aeroplane logo with a turbine wheel theme….

  5. On the Logo The Griffin is the last of SAAB’s problem. A lot of our younger readers only think in those terms. SAAB had the airplane with 2 engines but “SAAB” has always been there and I remember that even before the sale in 2010 it was going to migrate to a graphic logo anyway. just like the New 9-5 and it won’t wash off in the car wash.

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