39 thoughts on “Retraction: About Youngman’s bid”

  1. I believe YM has good intentions. My worries are with the receivers. I really hope they don’t fiddle around with the wrong things ending up with nothing for SAAB but a big bill :/

  2. Looks like YM is a foregone conclusion at this point, especially with GM’s announcement about their licenses. I just hope their intentions are true, I really have my reservations, but I guess it’s better than nothing at this point. BW seems to be full of lies and hot air. Here’s hoping YM doesn’t try to low ball them and end up with nothing, here’s further hoping that they do the right thing and reinstate warranties for 2010 and above… Only time will tell…

  3. I honestly think they are the best bet-and I think they see themselves like Tata who “helped” Jaguar when no-one else saw the USP. Fingers crossed for them, they seem to have more idea than many about the situation and have part funded Saab for 2 months plus launched a large and unfulfilled order, so they are passionate too. They stand out in sharp releif to GM.

  4. If recievers get next week a bid from YM including all the depts paid, and so that deal can be closed, how long recievers will wait another offers? They might make quick decisions, so I think BW is in a hurry to do an offer. YM has a clear pole place now. And I think they deserve it.

  5. Form where did the information come as to the exact sums if the bid has not yet been placed?

    I know everyone, including myself, is eager to hear good news but I would recommend not jumping at news until it’s actually news.

  6. “I apologize for the over-eagerness on my part”

    You should be punished by being beaten with birch branches and dunked into ice cold water!

    Oh, wait, you Nordic people actually like that 🙂 ….. Never mind 🙂

  7. I will say it’s been a rocky road from the start, what’s one more bump? At this point, I don’t care if saudi Arabia buys Saab! Just kidding, it would probably be shaped like an oil tanker. 🙂

  8. I urge everybody who reads this to go to General Motors Facebook page and leave appropriate negative comments there. Don’t stop at one either. These demons need to be taken to task for what they are doing to destroy Saab’s chances of survival. They are spiritless sub-humans—-GM executives fleecing American taxpayers and paying themselves millions of dollars after their well documented failures—-now this. It’s unacceptable and they need to be bombed with negative comments, the pesky rascals.

    • Plus…if you are a citizen of the US, contact your senator and representative and let them know about your unhappiness with the situation. They love hearing from their constituents.

      • Just forget about the US government slapping GM’s hand. GM is one of the few success stories, they got a bailout and are now again the biggest car maker. No politician in his right mind is going to criticize GM because it is protected its market share against a tiny niche car maker. This is presidential election year so morality is pretty much out of the window too, i.e. saying GM is acting the big, bad wolf is not going to make you popular either.
        Same for sending Swedish government representatives to GM. GM does _NOT_ care about what the Swedish government thinks, Sweden is not a GM market.

  9. I read that Youngman has flown a contingent of European suppliers led by Bosch to review their plan and provide technical assistance in replacing all the GM IP. I would LOVE IT if after 6 months the 9-5 rolls out with no GM IP….

    • To rebuild the 9-5 so that it is free of GM IP will be a huge effort. It will probably be easier to finish of the Phoenix platform and do an extension of the future 9-3 so that it can be badges as a 9-5.

      THE problem now is that the engineers are now officially of out employment and as Volvo is hiring right now and many of them have joined Volvo cars instead. And to do a restart of the company without the engineers is not possible – in that case we will see the company go bankrupt again… With that in mind it will probably be tough enough to finish of the development of the Phoenix platform. 🙁

      This comment on a Swedish Saab form worries me;
      Har pratat med många saabare som senaste dagarn, och drar följande slutsats, minst 60% av alla ingenjörerna jag pratar med har hittat nya jobb, Nästan alla har gått till volvo, anställda av kosultföretag(och därav inte ingår i statestiken sär volvo berättar hur många saabanställda dom tagit över) eller volvo bussar eller volvo lastbilar. det finns inte länge några som går och väntar på att “saab kanske kommer igång igen”.

      • If there is a lack of engineers in THN this can be solved by Spanish workforce. Currently Germany is hiring plenty of Spanish engineers to its industry. They have no problem in moving to Germany so I don’t think they will have a problem in moving to Sweden.

        • I don’t think that is a viable solution. I would guess that Youngman can use some automotive consultants that stand really close to them – Lotus!

      • The new owners if smart will try to rehire these engineers gone, and they will have to pay premia for that, upfront and / or higher salaries. These people will have probation periods, and if they have confidence into the future of SAAB again, many of them will come back.
        Another conclusion is, that to wait and see or to try to save money is not a good approach for serious bidders. The costs – also in terms of delay of projects – might quickly escalate afterwards.

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