Saab Automobile AB Heavy Stamping

I’ve found this on a tweet from Saablog-In.

It makes me feel melancholic. But there is still hope that this press shop will continue creating nice cars in 2012.

I don’t know who has uploaded this video on YouTube. The user is called fglasell and the video was updated on november 7.

27 thoughts on “Saab Automobile AB Heavy Stamping”

  1. Last year at the Saab Festival 2010 I attended a factory tour at Saab and it was a very emotional moment for me. Being guided through the factory when it was in full swing, producing fantastic 9-3s and 9-5s was very touching, and I almost got a tear in my eye.

  2. Well found Red…

    Having looked at this, you can see why all these other manufacturers would like to get their hands on the Saab facilities.

    This would cost a fortune to replicate today.

      • That was exactly also my feeling when I just looked at this video.
        What a spilling if these skilled workers and designers would have to be separated from such a modern and good equipped facility.

  3. Isn’t interesting how all cars have 4 wheels and doors but prices vary so much. When I owned my 1966 96 the steel was made in South Wales, UK I am curious where the steel in current SAAB comes from? Anyone know. I tried to research the history of Muller Weingarten but nothing comes up. I know these presses are renown worldwide.

    Interesting that when GM built trucks here in Janesville, Wisconsin they used ASEA Robots from Sweden. Volvo used Gilman Robotics from Janesville!

  4. God damn it.. such a tragedy to see all that slowly going to waste, but it does give you an idea of the value of the setup and processes in place right now, ready to go. It just has to happen before the workforce is entirely gone.

  5. I know I shouldn´t be. But I´am stunned by how modern and fantastic the Saab factory is..!
    Such a waste. Such a extreme waste…
    2006 Saab sold 130.000 cars. This should never have happened.

  6. It must be obvious for everyone that just buying the machinery and robots and move them to another country to start a production of a new unknown brand is a task very difficult and expensive to do. The Saab factory is state of the art because of all machinery together with the staff and that must be priceless but will now be sold for peanuts.

    I really hope someone will buy Saab as a complete package and get all permissions from all involved to continue to build Saabs.

    I will not start looking for another car to replace my ordered 9-5 SportCombi yet, I will wait a little longer, something inside of me says everything will be ok with Saab again.

  7. I have no idea what the lady is saying, but it still makes for very informative viewing. Oh on another note, I just read on the that the Turkish company biding for Saab is interested in the whole company, not just parts or the brand. They also state that production would stay in Trollhattan.

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