Saab car museum will be closed* Saturday.

Entrance to the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan + Editor car.
It has been written before here on SU; Saab Car Museum is closed.
Saturday Trollhättan is going to be flooded like a never before seen tsunami of cars and supporters.
I called the lawyer that has the Museum issues on his table and politely asked him to arrange for an opening on Saturday.
The answer was “NO it will not be opened”. I asked him to specify why this was the answer. Answer was Saab is under bankruptcy, and the have no staff avaliable to open the museum. I said we have both Saab club and SU people that could be of help. From selling tickets to clean the floors after.
Also that an opening could easily bring in 20000 Dollars or more. Take 100 SEK/ person X thousands of people. The math is easy. Split the revenue between the receivers and the Saab clubs.

* Let us hope that the lawyers change their mind soon. It make no sense having the Museum closed a day like this. A day for rejoice and happiness. A valuable day not only for the Saab supporters and Trollhättan citizens but also for the prospective buyer/buyers of Saab, and of course indirectly also the receivers /lawyers at Delphi and Wistrand in Göteborg.

Please open the museum for just this day, please!

19 thoughts on “Saab car museum will be closed* Saturday.”

  1. C´mon!! They can´t make an exeption to open the Museum for one day?!?
    A day to bring the attention for SAAB?? A day worlwide known to gather “Saabers”??

    LAWYERS, move your mind!!!

  2. “Answer was Saab is under bankruptcy, and the have no staff avaliable to open the museum”

    They are acting really strange. All employees shall be able to work for Saab one month after BR was approved. They are already paid.

    This must be possible to fix!!

  3. EVEN if it is closed they can’t stop the enthusiasm outside! After the 2007 60th Anniversary, Festival Banquet, in the very dark parking lot behind the Museum I gouged the 9-5’s driver’s and passenger doors. This was because of the dark gray stone pillars protruding from that roundabout.

    They next day I summoned a policeman to the scene to check for an accident report for Avis. I told him that, “I’d hate to come over to Sweden and have my SAAB brake your granite!”

  4. I hope that you open both Saturday and Sunday. It would be a pity if it were to be closed, if there be so many with their saab two dagene.Jeg have been there once, but will visit it again. Long live saab.

  5. It would have been nice if it was open both Saturday and Sunday, when there are so many with its saaber. I’ve been there once and will visit it again. Get hope they open the Long ship saab.

  6. Make us feel as lousy as possible. Stab our beloved marque in the heart, and then twist the sword around to beget even more agony. The museum is sacred.

    • They are not to blame I am afraid. Note that they have a different interest than us. In addition, suppose that the museum will be opened and staffed with volunteers. This may lead to potential risks that no lawyer will want to take – eg. insurance might not cover damages to cars or persons if no adequate personal is present when museum is open etc. I am sure the receivers are sincere and would co-operate if they can earn some money with it for the creditors without taking risks they are not supposed to take.

  7. Talk to the mayor maybe? Ask Ttela to do an article. Call Peter Bäckström with his spare keys (-; Ask an interview with the lawyers. Let Eric Carlsson call the laywers or Jan Ake Jonsson or both. Let’s be creative and put some pressure on those people

  8. And I had come to believe that Sweeden had moved away form the not so attractive name of beeing a ” NOT ALLOWED” country, Leaving the vacant position to us in Denmark, where everything now is prohibited. Hope you are not picking up that attitude again.
    I wish you the best of luck getting the Museum opened.

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