Slow Stickers

I’ve had quite a few emails from people saying that their stickers have not arrived yet.
Are there any Americans here that have had their stickers arrive?

As you know we worked hard and almost all the envelopes were sent by Saturday morning.
Everything after Saturday morning was taken to the main sorting office to make sure it was at the correct collection point and all envelopes were weighed before leaving our house so the correct postage was applied.

I pray all the stickers arrive in time.


45 thoughts on “Slow Stickers”

    • Still not here in PA yet, but no worries, Robin, as my club, Central Penn SAAB Club, had some printed for our event here locally : ) Really excited for tomorrow! Thanks for all your hard work : )

  1. Not yet in Québec city, Canada. One more day. Anyway, I will show up saturday with or without the stickers. Thank you Robin for the great job you have done.

  2. Perhaps the US Postal Office are not allowed to deliver any stickers without first getting approvals from GM, EIB, BAIC the NDRC and whoever I might have forgot? 😉

    Joking aside, fingers crossed for all the stickers to arrive tomorrow, and if not, some home-made stickers/banners should do the job during the weekend.

  3. I received mine this morning in Milwaukee, WI at Noon. Which means they arrived at Chicago, by air Wednesday. This means most people should have them tomorrow. Being an Ex-Pat Brit this 4 days from the UK is normal. It can take that long from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

  4. Robin,
    Haven’t rec’d ours yet but there’s still time left. Do you know what delivery service you used (fed ex, ups, etc)?
    If no stickers, we’ll think of something.
    We’ll have about 30 cars.
    Thanks for your efforts,

  5. I got mine twice , Seems there was some confusion with my payment. The first time I submitted a debit card and got an e-mail reminder that payment was due so I submitted a visa credit card number second time and received stickers in mail the next day, and then a second set came today friday January 13th.

  6. No package yet for the Carolina Saab Club. We had a 100 stickers coming for the event in Charlotte. Hoping it arrives by Fed-ex or UPS later this afternoon. Any word on what company will be delivering them? Thanks Robin, I know you worked hard to get these out. If we don’t have them for the event, I will get them sent out to everyone who shows up so they can continue to show support.

    • They were sent by Royal Mail here in the UK, but I guess they are passed over to the local post offices of the Countries they are travelling too.
      The parcels were sent in two batches and at least one parcel from each batch has arrived at it’s destination which gives me hope. At least it says everything went ok after leaving my local post office.
      Fingers crossed here.

      • I got nothing today. I am pretty sure nothing more would be delivered tonight. Have plans set up to collect address’s to send out the stickers next week. Guess we just have a slow postal service here in NC. We are going to make one bigger sticker to go on the trail car for everyone to see. Thanks again Robin, know you worked hard to get these out in time….it was out of your hands once it left there.

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