SOTW, We are SAAB edition: A new 9-3X

We are Saab
My fellow countryman Sven-Erling sent us an e-mail on Sunday announcing his purchase of a 9-3X TTiD. He took delivery on Saturday. It was time for a convoy. A convoy of one!

I just want to share a true saab-experience with the community.

Yesterday I bought myself and my family a new car, for the first time ever. We bought a Saab 9-3x. From the dealer on the west coast of Norway I drove together with my son (4) through the mountains on our way back home. Knowing that there where “We are Saab”-gatherings all over the world at the same time as we drove into the nature added a deeper tone to our tour.

The 9-3X follows in the proud tire tracks left by a 2002 9-5 SC and a 1976 99 GLE (acquired in 1994) that Sven-Erling owned previously. As has been said before on these pages (by Swade, two years ago), it is not the size of the crowd that matters. This is a very nicely executed convoy with some striking scenery. These pictures are truly stunning. Kudos to Sven-Erling!

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Red J

I don’t know why, but SAAB cars look like feeling at home in such a scenery. 🙂
Great pictures!!!!


I always say my SAAB runs well in summer but it gets better in winter! The best winter car out there! In fact when the blizzards hit I’m on the road. 🙂


Very nice pictures!


Great! One more meeting to add to the list 🙂


Congratulations on the purchase! Great car!


Concratulations Sven-Erling! I can tell You You are not going to be disappointed. I have had 9-3X ttid now 2 years and about 80 000 kilometres behind. A great car in the winter and in the summer!


Fantastic pictures!


That first photo with the sunset is incredible!


Congratulations on a great car! You are talented with the camera! Beautiful!

Angelo V.

Something your little one will remember FOREVER and probably won’t need the photos as a reminder! I brought my seven year old son to the “Save Saab” event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Saturday. We left the Washington, DC area in the morning, got to Kelly Saab around 11:00—-for doughnuts and coffee—-photos and meeting a wonderful group of people. We then ran a convoy to Longwood Gardens, near Philadelphia, where we met another contingent of Saab owners. Looked to be around 75 cars on site or maybe more. The United States of America was built on individualism and achievement. To me,… Read more »

Anthony Halpin

Damn Swedes, can’t be kept down! 😉


Sadly the dealership “Scanauto” has dropped Saab and gone from a Citroën/Saab dealership, to a Citroën/Opel dealership. Congratulations on your new car Rune.


Its a very harmonious car. Better than volvo :))


Great story! I did a similar trip when I bought my 1978 99 Turbo in Seattle and drove it 600 miles back to Northern California with my 3-year-old son.


Wonderful, evocative photos. The car looks so right in that setting. I ordered a 9-3x, but dealt on a 9-3sc when it became clear that my car was never going to arrive. But that means I can now look forward to the new 900 (estate version) in due course. Yippee!

Chris Carrier

I missed the Saab rally Saturday because I, too, was buying a new 9-4x Aero. My younder son was with us but he’s only three weeks old so we’ll just have to tell him about it later.


It makes my day to see people with courage to follow their heart and go for a Saab. You got yourself a fantastic car, no question about it. I got mine five months ago and I know now, I’d be sorry, if I chose some other brand. Congratulations!


I saw this email come in over the weekend and couldn’t help but think of how perfectly fitting it was for such a great weekend. Congrats on the car, very nice. Love the story of the drive home with your son and the convoy of one….. Well 2 in one.


To see your little son with that sign just warms my heart. I hope he can drive a Saab too when he is older. As my four year old son said yesterday when we passed a NG 9-5: When I grow up, I will drive the new Saab and you will sit next to me and teach me. Wonderful picures. Griffin up!

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