Sticker Update

Just a quick list of the countrues that have sticker orders.

Iceland = 1, Japan = 1, Taiwan = 1, Russia = 2, Canada = 6, USA = 50, UK = 26, Sweden = 36, Denmark = 8, France = 13, Portugal = 2, Malta = 1, Switzerland = 10, Norway = 8, Belgium = 12, Germany = 13, Latvia = 1, Italy = 2, Finland = 7, Austria = 4, Czech Republic = 5, Spain = 2, Holland = 63, Poland = 1, Mexico = 1.

This is the number of envelopes that have left my house but do not include the “lager” amounts of quantity orders (clubs, garages etc).
There are many orders that have to be paid still and I’ve had another 30 orders this morning which I will now get to work on. Also I have had quite a few people who have paid over night and that is first on the list to sort out. Just needed to clear the table before I filled it again,lol.


12 thoughts on “Sticker Update”

    • Robin absolutely does a hell of a job. Happy it’s not me having to do that. πŸ˜‰
      (hint: wouldn’t a real webshop be convenient ? πŸ˜› )

      But don’t forget the people, all over the world, who are organising events.
      We recieved notice of 75 event in 35 countries.
      That means a lot of people are doing something to gather even more people. πŸ˜‰

      Kuddos to them all !

  1. I just signed up and am wondering how I can get a sticker, and be a part of the rally in ohio or a surrounding state. We Saab fans have to stick together and show our support!

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