33 thoughts on “The cars of the Saab Car Museum: THE LIST”

  1. Now the question remains… how? Here are my toughts from the previous post regarding the Museum:

    “I’m afraid the whole museum cannot be saved unless a potential buyer comes forward. Individuals or clubs from all around the world may be able to “adopt” individual vehicles though. My best idea would be for each person willing to participate is to select a vehicle and start organizing a found raiser for that car only in his/her respective club or country. This could be an organized effort. Transporting, storing and displaying the vehicles would remain a question though. The collection would most likely be broken apart as well.

    I’m thinking of setting up a website if nothing else where we can keep the collection together, virtually. Anyone having photos of the cars and museum itself could send it to me for upload.”

    • Everyone willing to help me with the website, please send your photos of Saab Museum to gabor.kovacs at gmail.com! I would also need someone who can help me with Swedish-English translations 🙂

  2. There is some kind of web application/widget called ChipIn (http://www.chipin.com/), which allows anyone with credit card/paypal to give some money. So, you can make some kind of fund raise or so. I think, we should just try to preserve this collection to be intact for short amount of time, while bankruptcy will be finished, and then, maybe, if there will be new owner, he may get it back. I have never been in Sweden, SAAB museum is one of “must-visit” places for me, so I wish, It would be still complete in Trollhattan when I make a visit.
    BTW: Is there any English version? What does that columns mean?

  3. Is the action to sell these cars an indication that none of the potential buyers of SAAB has expressed an interest in acquiring the museum? If so, it is hard to be entusiastic about the intent of these buyers if they acquire SAAB.

      • Agree with both of you; if the buyer is not acquiring the cars from the museum it says a lot about their interest in the history of the brand.
        The auction of the cars is awful; the value it will create will be minimal and not in relation to the value of the complete collection.
        So the interested party MUST be interested to keep this collection together; will be peanuts compared to the complete investment.

  4. Does anyone know how much cars will be sold for?

    Surely some motor museums (Haynes in UK or Retro Auto Museum in Moscow would be interested in acquiring some of the cars? I may talk to Retro-Auto when I’m in Moscow next month.

  5. Guys, this is very sad. These cars need not end up in the hands of individual people. Cars like the SAAB SVO? All of these cars sum up to greater than the individual cars themselves. I am fully supportive of a solution to help save the museum and the cars. I’d much rather not see it break down into pieces since the whole group is what composes the museum. Again, I really think this is Saab heritage and should not be an “opportunity” for someone with money to buy a toy. This is history of Saab.

    I really hope we can all come together and save this museum and for the cars to stay in Trollhättan.

  6. I emailed the administrators of the site that I would support to pay a yearly fee to keep it going. I guess not enough people showed support. How can some of us get involved in this? Perhaps in devising a few plans? I am willing to collaborate to help with this cause. I’m sure others here are as well in order to avert such an unfavourable situation. We don’t want these cars separated nor ending up in the hands of whomever.

    • Bender, you´re totally right!
      I would like to help this way too. But how can I, how can we help together to save the museum??

      • Tim explained this a while ago but said there where not enough people responding to be part of saving the museum….

        The recievers have to do this to be able to raise enough money to save Saab and sell it in one piece. The rest of Saabs assets is tied up in all kinds of agreements and rights.

        Hope Innovatum can get it, its a good organisation/museum and Saab would fit nicely into its collection. There is more info about Saab and its history inside there than in the Saab museum.

  7. There’s a bit of an upside to this that people seem to be missing. You might not be able to read it because it’s in Swedish, but nearly all of them have quite negative comments regarding what state they’re in. Considering how many cars the museums have and that museums never actually drive their cars, that’s understandable. I think that private owners whom are sufficiently interrested to buy cars from the museum, probably will invest a lot of energy in to getting them all in to perfect shape.

    I don’t see it as likely that some teen is going to buy let’s say the Saab 99 kombi prototype and then treat it as a cheap banger. Probably the cars are going to be restored and then driven to different car shows.

  8. I would like to know how things are going with innovatum.
    And if there are any other that want and can save the complete museum.
    Have Tim not any contact with them?
    All I know is what swedish newspapers are writing. Nearly no information from here…
    It is looking very bad to me.

  9. Why not starting another list of Saabfriends who would be ready to save the museum by paying a yearly fee for it. And show it her on SU, and every reader can see it and sign for it!
    I simply can´t believe this chance is over… 🙁

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