The important issue of saving cars of the SAAB Museum

The Saab 9X Concept car Photo by Jörgen Trued

Guess You by now have read the .pdf file from Delphi law

First time I visited the museum was way back in time when it was situated in the basement of a gas station in Trollhättan. There was not so many cars there a little cramped up but still it was a nice museum. Still remember that very day even if it must be 30+ years ago.

Now the clock is ticking and nothing is really clear and transparent on what is going on with the cars of the museum, will it be saved by Innovatum and city of Trollhättan or are the lawyers as inflexible as when we asked them to open the museum yesterday. They can and if they need fast money go ahead and sell off the property of the sunken company. Guess that could bring in valuable money in the short time frame.
So SU has tried to get people around the globe to participate through clubs, companies and by themselves to contribute into the savior of the car collection. Unfortunately the time is ticking and we don not have the muscles needed.
If push come to shove… why not if it happens, bid on the cars in a manner so we do not compete with each other.

Which cars are most unique and valuable for the future if one can not save all of them?

Here is my list: Ursaab WM001, Saab 93 Monstret WM054, Saab 96 V4 BAJA WM160, Saab Sonett I WM201, Saab 99 Turbo Rally WM268, Saab 99 Turbo WM270, Saab 900 EV-1 WM308, Saab 9000 T16 “Talladega” no2 WM405, Saab Formula Junior WM554, Saab 9X Concept WM560, Saab Aero X Concept WM567

There are 11 cars on the list, I could see all other cars sold and dispersed around the world, they are not as significant as the 11 on the list or can easily be replaced with other existing cars or could be replicated.

There are nice Saab cars out there among collectors in Sweden and elsewhere who might be willing to “park” their cars in the museum:
– Rene Hirsch has a Sonett 1, Saab Facett and some more nice specimens.
– A US collector has a Saab Quantum
– A Taxi company in Stockholm has an unrestored Saab 900 Finlandia Bulletproof executive limo, ex-Wallenberg
– The family of Sigvard Johansson has a Saab formula racer, and maybe some more cars..
– A swedish collector is working on a 99 Limosine used by the Swedish King when visiting the US in the 70´ies
– Erik Carlsson might want to put his two saab 96 Monte Carlo rally replica ( Grandmothers) and his nice Saab 95 Estate in the museum (back into the museum).
– Publisher Albinsson & Sjöberg has some nice cars
– The competition rally/racing section is easy to fill up, there is a collector in Värmland who has virtually every – Saab rally V4 out there.
– Skip Barber might have a Formula Saab racer
– The replica of the Saab 93 LeMans racer owned by a group of guys in Sweden.
– A collector near Trollhättan has one Saab 92 Prototype.
– There is a Saab 95 Police car at the Polismuseum??
– There are a few Saab 900 Friction Testers of airports around.
– Why not branch out and get in some cool customized cars like the 900 Blue Spirit Gullwing
– The Saab 9-3 STCC racer that never raced built by a Saab dealer i Karlstad
– Sol-Stad Saab 99-900-9000-9-5 trailer are easy to find
– Saabo campers are out there as well.

There are no problem what so ever to fill a great museum with “NEW” cars just if we can in some way safeguard the list I have on MUST have cars.
Could we advise prospective buyer NOT to put bids on those 11 cars, letting the future Museum organization buy each car for lets say a token 10000 Dollars.

Well that is my list and reflect my background born in Trollhättan and a big fan/owner of Saabs. Come make Your own lists, challenge.
We need to move quickly. Sorry to be a party-pooper this day of Saab happiness especially in Holland. But it needs to be addressed.

38 thoughts on “The important issue of saving cars of the SAAB Museum”

  1. This almost brings me to tears, even if Saab won’t start up again, the least to be done is saving their heritage! FFS! If future investors in Saab doesn’t show up to buy the Museum in order to have the collection complete – on site – I don’t even wanna know what plans they have for Saab… Youngman, hello?

    • I disagree. But I fully understand your feelings. I really do.
      That car, the BLS, is part of Saab’s hitory now, and a part of what went wrong. And as such it has its merits. And besides, it’s a good car. Its a Saab. 😉

      Just hide it in the back, together with the 9-7x and 9-2x.

  2. What about the Ecosport? The James Bond car? The 900 Convertible prototypes? The toad? This list is very heavy on the competition cars without taking into consideration the prototypes.

    • Let this group bid for the 11. I can bid for the Toad! I could afford only one car, at most. Either that or the BLS and use that for a parts car, not burn it!

    • JasonVT
      Ecosport can be replicated out of a 9000
      JB car never made it in a movie. basically a standard 900 Turbo
      The toad well…
      The competition cars are the real used cars by famous drivers, nor replicas.

  3. The list is short but fine, though I miss the Coupe des Alpes Sonett and a 95 2 stroke. Is the “group” now complete and strong enough to do so ? How can others support to buy single cars outside of the 11? ( and leave them in the Museum) ? Do we need to worry about films?

  4. I missed commenting the first time around, but I think people with interesting vehicles such as those mentioned by Trued could exibt them at a resurrected museum which is run along similar lines to the fantastic Technikmuseums in Sinsheim and Speyer here in Germany. Here members can exhibt their own vehicles in a professional museum istead of hiding them away in their private garages or halls, as well as financing the maintianance, purchase and restauration of new exhibts.

    • That is a great idea. Really good remember reading an article about that “MUSEUM”, why not I would put 2 cars there right away if a similar museum was constructed for Saab.

  5. What really galls me is the Swedish government has some measure of implication in this debacle, for not removing stumbling blocks and at the very least they could do is save the museum as a part of Swedish Heritage. It is bad enough that the Air Force took away the SK-37 Viggen designated for a US museum and after removing it from the docks sold it for scrap!

    Sweden unlike the US has a budget surplus and now they will waste money on unemployment benefits instead of great workers being able to pay taxes.

    All the cars are important. What does not make sense is that on one hand they talked about a NG 9-5 Combi being inducted and on the other hand cars being sold!

    • Have no hopes on Saab planes.
      We had a SAAB 35 Draken sitting on a concrete pillar outside my work near the Swe.Gov. Windtunnels. When facilities sold to private entrepreneur the plan was taken away and scrapped!

      All NG 9-5 SW (guess 10 of them) are test vehicles that will never be possible to register. Get a NG 9-5 while they last instead!

      • Is there any information regarding these vehicles, or any other test vehicles? I would definitely try to get one (no matter it cannot be registered), the question is how?

  6. What needs to be preserved are cars that cannot be maintained in a private collection — i.e., those that will need to live in Trollhattan under expert care in order to be preserved. Prototypes, concept cars, and historically significant one-of-a-kind cars, along with a select few production cars.

    My list — UrSaab, the best one of each of the following (92, 93, 95, 96); Sonett I, Catherina concept, 99 EMS and 99 Turbo, all convertible prototypes (especially the Frankfurt convertible concept, a must have); two of the best classic 900 examples (likely the ’79 blue one and the ’93 red SPG); one of he Talladega 9000’s; and the best remaining 9000 Turbo. And the Aero X concept car.

    All new gen 900, 9-3, 9-5, etc., I would let go because there are still enough good examples in the wild that the museum can acquire examples to fill in the collection over time. Most of the rally cars can find good private homes, I believe.

    That’s 17 cars and it just kills me to cut it this thin.

    Of course the sales agreement should require the purchasers to bring the cars back to the museum from time to time for public display.

    • Great list we overlap on much.
      Catherina a shot in the dark no significance for Saab History, EMS well for the engine maybe. Convertible prototypes why just prototypes…. IMHO
      On 79 blue 900 You can find better specimens, good SPG´s can be found as well

      • The convertible was Saab’s high water mark, at least in terms of commercial significance. The story of how the convertible came to be produced is a fascinating one — and you really need both of the prototypes to show why one was picked over the other.

        Catherina is important because Sixten Sason was important.

  7. The best I can do is to start a special line called “The Saab museum” and one by one to make replicas of each car from the Saab museum…

  8. Trued,

    If the Museum is to stay open anyway [with the help & agreement of Innovatum and the City of Trollhättan, perhaps a contact with the Administrators to see what interest there has been & what sort of bids they are looking for indivigually or in whole].

    When Tim, put up the appeal [earlier post] the main problem then, was there was no word regarding the Museum building itself, but if there is this place to keep them, it may be possible to get members/Saabists to contribute now…..and quite quickly, if the administrators can talk!!


    Hindsight is a great thing, but after seeing the numbers here;

    Who visited the SU site, just over the weekend, it is likely those numbers will stay up this coming week, with people clicking on to see the photos & more events published, SO WHY NOT, put an appeal, up front when you get to the sight, appealing for donations.

    A bit like Wikipedia did recently:

    Put up an appeal as the 1st page that opens [with a live paypal donation info link page, ie; paypal email address, etc], for Low amounts say minimum $5 / £5 / 5 euros, sure you’d get lots of givers, now.
    Put up a multi choice box with larger amounts an option.
    No deals, just as a gift to Saab workers & Trollhattan, then give it to the Saab veterans to buy as much as they can….

    My £10 is waiting [maybe more]………..if the thing gets near a good amount….

  10. I’m intrigued that the PhoeniX isn’t on this list. I guess it’s “bundled” with the assets of the platform and not part of the museum yet?

  11. I have contacted the receivers via email about the Museum and cars possibly being scrapped. Let’s see if there’s any answer…

  12. “If push come to shove… why not if it happens, bid on the cars in a manner so we do not compete with each other.”
    This situation is really bad, but the above quote needs to be withdrawn.
    Suggesting that people bid so as not to compete with each other could land you in prison……. auction or bid rigging?????????

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