Up-dated list of Countries ordering stickers

And the Dutchies are still in the lead but only just…..
This list is the envelopes & parcels that have been sent out since the sickers arrived in my house 6 days ago.
There are still 40 unclaimed imvoices so the total should read over 400 very soon.

Netherlands 78
USA 72
Sweden 47
UK 46
Germany 21
France 23
Belgium 20
Switzerland 17
Norway 11
Canada 11
Denmark 9
Finland 9
Czech Republic 7
Austria 5
Italy 2
Spain 2
Portugal 2
Russia 2
Poland 3
Taiwan 1
Iceland 1
Japan 1
Malta 1
China 1
Latvia 1
Australia 1
Mexico 1
Luxemborg 1
New Zealand 1
Mauritius 1
Estonia 1

399 in total,,,,, so far.

12 thoughts on “Up-dated list of Countries ordering stickers”

  1. You should include the bulk orders for the clubs Robin. 🙂 The US might be able to overtake those crazy Dutchies then. 🙂 Thanks again.

  2. The local Lubbock Saab dealer is not involved, but I may still have a small group here in Lubbock, TX. I hope printed “stickers” are OK.

  3. Grin, think the team approves of everything, as Tim said, done in the right spirit 😉 As long as we ALL get to see what you did 😉

    Another early start, will me see 100 events worldwide? We’re getting closer to that I think 😉

    The mailbox [email protected] has been exploding, we had to get more people involved in order to keep up with everything. We may even visit the Belgian event on Saturday, as the Belgian are forming groups to visit the Dutch event on Sunday. In the Netherlands the number or registered cars for the event has overtaken the staggering number we had in the convoys in 2010. Good thing we are organising it at Hangar 2, which sports a 5 hectare large parking area 😉

    Keep your information coming, keep us informed, so that http://www.outside-saab.com can really become a document of all that happened during the meetings!

  4. closing in on the event – i am looking forward to open the mailbox when returning from work today. beginning to feel the nerves on the outside of my clothes. It should no take more than a couple of days for a letter from GB to reach DK, so long overdue today simply must be the day……………………….

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