We are many. And you are awesome.

Early on Saturday morning I jumped in my Saab heading for meeting point of the first Swiss event in Sankt Gallen: Hirsch Performance. As I arrived just after meeting time the parking lot there was already filled with Saabs. Quite funny as I was kind of exotic with my German number plate among all those Swiss cars. After having a coffee we enjoyed the beautiful weather driving up to Schwägalp where we had lunch and good conversation about Saab. On this event we had 85 cars, mist of them with at least two people in them. Honestly I had not expected so many – neither had the restaurant that ran into a bit of stress serving all those people. While I was there I kept checking SU for information about other events and what I read made me smile even more.

I asked everyone to make this weekend one to remember in the most positive way and you really did it. I bow down before everyone who organized an event and before everyone who attended one. This was a global demonstration that the Saab community is still alive and kicking, ready to tell the world that Saab is worth saving. I can’t think of another car brand that is able to mobilize so many people of different age and demographic. I always knew we are many but this amazed me, even more as I know that a number of people did not make it because the current state of Saab just hurts them too much, especially in Sweden.

Of course I owe a special credit to those mad dutchies who came up with the idea just a few weeks ago. I know first hand how much organizing outside-saab.com and their own huge event ruled their life recently. It was fun to work with you and I am looking forward to getting even more things done together with you.

Also good to see that Victor altered his flights to show up at the dutch event. Despite the situation we are facing now he is the reason that Saab did nor already vanish two years ago and I really hope that he can help to get Saab into a safe port soon. As he said in his speech there are parties interested in buying Saab as a whole. Parties who have the funds to get it back up and running. Never ever give up.

Those events showed one aspect of the value of Saab – the community. Another one was mentioned by one of the guys I talked to at the Swiss event. He said that it does not matter at which car you look, you will always find something that came from Saab, be it heated seats, headlamp washers… I know that those things were invented a while ago but Saab was on the way to develop leading technologies again, eXWD and iQon to name just two.

So again a big thank you to all who showed their passion this weekend. It was a pleasure to attend that worldwide event that you made so great.

7 thoughts on “We are many. And you are awesome.”

  1. Thanks till72 and TimR and all of the organizers around the world. It was a good weekend and I will continue to hold out hope that there still can be a bright future for such a great car company!

  2. Well done all who took part in any capacity,a great global statement, let’s keep the pressure on the media worldwide to take note of what we did last weekend!

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