We are many – we are Saab

I’ve been pretty quiet here recently which was mostly due to a huge workload at my company in the past few weeks. Still I have been following the we are many – we are Saab thing pretty closely. Our mad dutchies, who invented this event, just went past 1250 registered cars for their event. But it’s not only the big events, every single one sets a sign. Even if you’re just a few cars gathering it is a sign that the community is still strong and ready to show the love for the one and only car brand that delivers cars equipped with a soul.

Just as I said before I’d like to remind everybody that this is not a we hate GM event. They played their role but I think what we all want to see is a positive event, a sign for every potential investor that there are many people who care about Saab and want to see a future. It will also shift the Saab story back into the public view. At many events the press will show up and we should show them what we are: a bit crazy and quirky sometimes, but still friendly, open minded people.

For those who arranged an event: if you did not notify this to outside-saab.com, please do so because only then the complete picture will be visible. And of course documentary from the events will be appreciated.

One thing I learned in the past months is to never ever give up so let’s make this weekend one to remember in the best way it can be. Saab is not dead yet, neither is the community. We are many, we are Saab.

Notify of

We really hope that this action is going to give the right sign to the potential investor that it is worth saving SAAB.
But in each case I wish all participants a lot of fun and the respective organizers a big THANK YOU.
Would be good though if we could give the potential investor a kind of deadline; do decide before all Saab employees are gone !!


We’ll be at tomorrow’s meeting in Madrid, it will take a 6 hours road trip from Barcelona, but we’ll be there.

Toby K

Any one know what the Saab Great Britain HQ attendance looks like in terms of Vehicle numbers? I was going to THN but it got vetoed by my Officer Commanding (Wife) so now I shall be at Cranfield on Sunday with my 2 x Red 900 Carlssons.


Anyone who knows how many cars in Sweden that will be in Trollhättan?

Chris Ivory

Looking forward to our local meet, very much. Numbers attending have out-stripped our expectations!

Angelo V.

I’m planning to drive 3 hours to an event. Yes, I’ve been among the most outspoken against GM (go look at their Facebook pages), but I agree: This weekend is about Saab, not about GM. Some of the Saab dealerships holding the events sell Cadillac or other GM lines—-and in my opinion, it’s important to be respectful toward them. I’m hoping against hope that at least in a small way—this worldwide show of support is enough to push an interested party over the finish line—convincing someone that Saab is worth owning. If someone purchases Saab, they’ll also be purchasing tens… Read more »


Yes, the dealers are not the ones who made decisions that we wish were different. No reason to take out any bad feelings on dealers or their employees.

Angelo V.

Yes, but that said—-if the worst happens and Saab is finished as a carmaker—-name gone, cars gone, no resurrection—-GM will not get a pass from me. I will—-and I will encourage others to—never purchase another General Motors product. But that is not enough. We will also need to appeal to others to ignore GM when they are in the market for a new car or a used one. The mission will be to pay back GM for killing Saab and in so doing, taking our primary choice away from us. That can’t go unpunished. A simple boycott within the Saab… Read more »


Well I’m showing my Solidarity with SAAB this week in two ways. I’ve just bought this week a new 9-5 aero 2.8 v6 xwd which is absolutely fantastic. I bought the car from Western Saab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England. I will be joining everyone at the Cranfield event in the U.K. See you all there!


just a remember for belgians, see you tomorrow at jubelpark!!!!!!!


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