We are many, We are SAAB : FINLAND

Here is the story about the gathering in Finland by Petteri!

  • Saab Club of Finland organized a WeAreSAAB meeting in Tampere.
    We had 120 cars and 250-300 participants, which was perhaps slightly less than expected, but that didn’t make it a lesser meeting in any way. The meeting was well organized and the rows of Saabs sure looked great on this bright winter day.The weather was rather chilly with -8C and a biting breeze. Luckily the club had organized a tent and a “soup cannon” so it was possible to spend some time shielded from the wind, eating some wonderful meat soup for lunch.

    We started at 11, had lunch, listened to some short speeches, took photos, talked a lot of Saab Talk, met many Saab friends and made new ones. Unlike some greater meetings, we didn’t hire a plane for photos but used a skylift instead. 🙂 At 14 it was time to line up and make a short convoy before heading home.

    I can’t speak for all of us, but at least I had a great time and I could feel the Saab Spirit was there.

    Cheers, Petteri


More pictures here –saabsunited.com/finland

5 thoughts on “We are many, We are SAAB : FINLAND”

  1. Nice, I could’ve used some meat soup today. Those Saabs sure look nice in the weather they were meant to be in. Griffin up, Suomi!

  2. Sorry I did not join in but I have joined the Finnish Saab club now, though.

    The happening made to the MTV3 news in Finland – on Saturday at 10 PM! So more attention I’d never thought beforehand! Well done all participating!!!

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