We are many, We are SAAB: TAIWAN. UPD!

45 cars were present at the meeting in Northern Taiwan! By the way – it is amazing to see the weather in different parts of the planet 😉

Thanks Mars!

UPD! Alan sent us information about a rally in Central Taiwan

Excellent weather and gathering 25 Saab cars.
Another four cars even moved to the highest road of Taiwan, 3275m with 6 Celsius.  

You can upload and watch other pictures from this event here – saabsunited.com/taiwan


7 thoughts on “We are many, We are SAAB: TAIWAN. UPD!”

  1. Nice gathering! One thing I thought about last time when the Save Saab campaign took place was that it looks like quite many Saab 9000 seems to have been sold in Taiwan? Can someone confirm this? Really heart-warming to see people from all around the world gather in celebrating Saab 🙂

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