We are many, We are SAAB: Warsaw, Poland

And here we continue with the We are many, We are SAAB worldwide gatherings – this story we received from Poland, thanks Jeremi and Marcin.

  • A broader update will follow, but this is just for you to know that our “We are many, we are Saab” event in Warsaw, Poland, was an astounding success – and great fun!
    Despite a rapid breakdown in the weather – after many relatively warm weeks we got a sudden bout of cold wind and snow from Scandinavia ๐Ÿ˜€ – the attendance was beyond expectations. Over 200 cars and 300 people showed up at the parking of the Cargo Terminal of the Warsaw Airport (who generously allowed as to gather there).ย 
    Despite it being the start of the winter holiday season in Poland, Saab fans came from all over Poland, driving many hundred kilometres to congregate on this special occassion. We’ve had all kinds of Saabs, from the very newest 9-5s and ’11 9-3s, through YS3Fs, YS3Ds, a fair share of 9000, a swarm of 900, and no less than three 99s! The many two-strokes and 96 V4s Poland is known for in Saab circles had to stay in the garages unfortunately.
    The Saab spirit permeated the gathering, with us sharing coffee, cake and regional specialities, all the while getting photographed, filmed and talking to the media. I guess both them and we ourselves were surprised how MANY we are.
    I hope all the other events around the globe went just as well, and I hope we shall make the impact we hope for.


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