We are Saab: Great Britain

In the UK we had at least seven regional events that I know off,
Belfast:-29 Saabs
Bristol:-15 Saabs
Cranfield:-130 Saabs
Glossop:-43 Saabs
Lancashire:-16 Saabs
North of England/Southern Scotland:-30 Saabs
Yelverton:-45 Saabs

You will find a few pictures from Yelverton and Bristol at
http://www.flickr.com/photos/trollpowersaab/sets/72157628885007657/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157628883643531/
Keith put a few photo’s taken at Glossop on Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

The largest was at Cranfield where 130 saabs were in attendance at the Saab GB’s head quarters. Eric Carlsson was the Guest of Honour.

Mike Philpott, Chairman of the Saab Owners Club of GB, helped to organise the gathering at Cranfield and their special guest, Eric Carlsson.

Mike gave us these words

Around 260 cars and over 500 people turned out in support of the “We are many, we are Saab” 5 regional events here in the UK.
Meetings were held in Cumbria, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Bedfordshire & Devon with some Club members making round trips of over 500 miles to join us on this cold but sunny January day. We even had one visitor from Denmark.
At the Saab GB headquarters in Cranfield we had the pleasure of the one and only Mr. Saab himself, Erik Carlsson, who enjoyed meeting all the Saab enthusiasts and spent most of the time having his photograph taken or signing various bits of cars. We were also fortunate to have the MD of Saab GB, and newly formed company Saab Parts UK, Charles Toosey and his family at this event. More than 130 cars attended with models from the 60’s right up to new 9-5 purchased just 4 days before.
The other 4 events were equally successful from a scenic tour starting at the Angel of the North to meetings at Independent and Saab dealerships in Glossop, Yelverton & Blackburn. We had a 96 V4 on the northern run that is possibly the oldest one in the world, made in 1966.

A fantastic turn out over the whole country and hundreds of smiling faces everywhere you looked. Many other stories can be found at www.uksaabs.co.uk

15 thoughts on “We are Saab: Great Britain”

  1. Very well done. Beautiful cars, great surroundings, lots of neat folks. So sorry Saab is under. I so hope it comes back into business. It certainly is “alive” in hearts.

  2. Also at Bristol was the renowned Saab aficionado and author Lance Cole. Lance made a great day even better and was happy to sign copies of his books for those that wished.We look forward to your new book Lance.The location of Ashton Court is absolutely stunning and I urge everyone to browse the pictures in the Flickr link.

  3. Thanks for pointing it out Martin.
    GWS (www.greatwesternsaabs.co.uk) was part of the WE ARE MANY/WE ARE SAAB meets here in the UK.

    Many thanks to everyone who attended the Great Western Saabs January S’Troll/We ARE SAAB get together. This annual gathering is always intended as a social meet first and foremost and once again, this year did not disappoint. It was great to see some new and familiar faces and look forward to meeting you all again at events throughout the summer.

  4. We the Saab Owners Club GB were proud to be part of this event, all the members that attended the Saab Ownners Club GB organised events have done us all proud, and we sincerely hope that Saab recovers soon from this


    • You hope SAAB recovers from the SOC GB organised events Elli? Only kidding 😉

      Well done on getting SOC gevents organised. We also had SOC members, who I would sure would have liked a mention, showing their support at our local GWS gathering here in Bristol.

  5. We the Saab Owners Club GB were proud to be part of this event, all the members that attended the Saab Ownners Club GB organised events have done us all proud, and we sincerely hope that Saab recovers soon from this sad episode in its great history,

    well spotted by Narranto !!


    • No worries Elli. I have had my wrists slapped by UKS over my post there. I have made a UKS public apology. Copied here:

      Following the deletion of a thread and subsequent contact from the Mods, I would wish to take this opportunity to apologise to Elli and perhaps more importantly the SOC for any inference made in my previous posts regarding Ellis comment on SAABSUNITED over all the SOC organised events over the weekend.

      Clealry the ‘smiley’ did not work but hope you took it in the humour it was intended, Elli.

      • Apologies then to UKS for apologising to a friendly post on UKS to Elli that was deleted by UKS as they felt it was unsuitable/offensive/incorrect/SOC bashing/inapproporiate*
        I think i need to lay down and stop apologising 😉

        * Delete as applicable

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