We are SAAB : Paris .

That was yesterday under a cold sun like everywhere in Europe at the same moment . The main organisation has been provided by the Saab Sport Club’s team in association with Saabactu , alias Rémi & Saab Rive Gauche . About one hundred cars were expected and the parking was booked Place Joffre , next to the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel tour , with all the authorisations required .The dealer Saab Rive Gauche is also very close to this place and the team there invited everyone to come and share in the showroom , in the middle of the cars , many goods things coming from different regions of France . With also a marvellous and successfull cake .

So the first people to arrive were Harry & Tom from the Saab Sport Club at 8:30 am with the police to think about how to park the cars .And then the cars began to arrive : 1,2,3…………100……..180…..216 !!

Everyone was so amazed of this success and a wind of hope and solidarity has blown on this crowd. We now know that whatever happens in the coming weeks , the french Saab community won’t vanish.

Saucisson , vin rouge , bières and cakes were good , the cars were beautiful and the journey magic ! So logically we’ve finished at 3:30 pm with a tour d’honneur sur les Champs Elysées .


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  1. Bravo pour vos belles photos et votre organisation. La communauté francophone est bien représentée. Longue vie à Saab !

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