We are SAAB San Francisco Bay Area

The festivities begin at the Swedish Auto Factory in Santa Clara (1170 Martin Ave) and conclude at Dirito Brothers Walnut Creek Saab (2031 N. Broadway).  The entire convoy route is listed here: http://goo.gl/VnZ2D. Dirito Brothers Walnut Creek Saab Note that there are two stopping points in between, a Park & Ride in Fremont and a Park & Ride in San Ramon.  This is generally to allow folks a chance to take a short break and regroup (should some folks trail behind the pack).   I haven’t personally seen the Swedish Auto Factory in Santa Clara but hear that it is a neat place with much to see.  And of course Dirito Brothers has plenty of brand new 9-5s, 9-3s and 9-4x’s.  We won’t be having an official lunch but folks are welcome to bring whatever food they like (including those that can be thrown on a grill as a BBQ will be present).  As mentioned in an earlier post I will be demoing MapTun.  But most importantly, this will be a day that all of us in the San Francisco Bay Area will meet and share our stories and passion for the cars that we know and love.


Notify of

This is cool guys. As a Northern CA native, it’s cool to see this event take shape.

I would be there, except I’ll be buying my 9-5 Aero on Sunday, and driving it home (near Tahoe) on Monday. Maybe I’ll post a sticker in the window! I didn’t know how I could participate, so I just decided to buy a car!



Congratulations on getting a fantastic car Peter! =)

Frosty Waitz

I’m in NYC at the moment, so can’t take part. Sucks that there’s no more SAAB. My 2011 9-3 X w/6 sp manual and Hirsch performance upgrade is one great car. Sure hope they figure out a way to keep making SAABs. A warranty would be nice also!

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