We are SAAB: The Italian Job

Yes in Italy there were also some gatherings over the Weekend organised by the Saabway Club.

The different gathering took place in

Brescia with 25 cars and 45 persons.

Frosinone with 41 cars and 75 persons

and on the isle of Sardinia with four cars and seven persons.

That sums up to 70 Saabs and 127 Saabisti for Italy.

The Saabway Club also organised a gathering in the small country of San Marino. 11 Saabs, one Brother in Griffin and 20 persons attended to that meeting.

7 thoughts on “We are SAAB: The Italian Job”

  1. Bravi tutti voi ragazzi in Italia! Non ho una Saab ancora, ma ho messo una ‘Siamo tanti, siamo Saab’ poster nella finestra della mia Alfa Romeo!

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

    • Ciao MariusGTV !

      Grande il Cuore Alfista, che dimostra vicinanza alla causa della Saab! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Se non l’hai giร  fatto, vienici a trovare sul forum del SaabwayClub: un appasionato del brand รจ sempre il benvenuto!


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