A Real Saab Story

This is in no way a breaking news for most, but for this dealer and customer, it’s is a great news story. On a monthly basis for the past year since Saab’s re-introduction to Canada, I have been in contact with Amedeo Palazzo, General Manager of Saab of Edmonton. We mostly talk about business and the state of Saab. Since I came to Saabs United, he has called me more to see what I know because in Canada, we don’t get a lot of updates. Saab of Edmonton had the only black on black full load 9-5 Aero with rear seat DVD package, just an incredible car with a list price of $72,319. This car is to die for, just an incredibly beautiful work of art. The other day Amedeo called me and said guess what? Naturally I said, what? He proceeded to tell me that they had just sold this car to a customer that was in love with it. This customer was so in love with it that they provided this letter:

Les (left) with Sales Manager Mark Jones (right)

A Real Saab Story:

Here I am on Valentine’s Day 2012, picking up my new Saab 9-5 Aero. A love affair of many years, this is my third 9-5. My wife also drives her second 9-3 Aero. After a trial separation as Saab was in and out of controversy, I moved back to Saab with a 9-3 of my own. While the current state of affairs is far from certain, I am certain that this is the car for me for some time to come. My new friend Amedeo at Saab of Edmonton & I look forward to a lasting relationship and many valentines to share in the future.

My plate LES 695 says it all.



His plate shows his love for the car, Les has a 6cylinder 9-5 (LES 695). The customer also opted for an upgraded set of wheels. This is for sure the only 2011 9-5 of it’s kind on the street’s of Canada. Congrats to Les and Saab of Edmonton on this purchase, I have no doubt that you will enjoy this car for years to come and your purchase and comments show that Saab is something that becomes a part of you especially after as you say “a trial separation”, you came back.


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  1. That car is a pure legend! Treat it well! I found an high-end 9-5 in Sweden as well, will buy it in a few years from whoever will own it.. ;D

  2. I am impressed. Les: you ARE the man!
    I think one of the things the new Saab company did not fully appreciate is that die-hard Saab owners tend to be clever and “thrifty”. I count myself one of them in that I like to buy a great car, own it a long long time, and then get another great car. If you buy instead of lease and you keep the car a long time, the total cost of ownership is lower. In contrast, some of my “BMW and Lexus” -type” pals will lease a new car for three years, and then lease a new one. They would never dream of driving the same car for a decade or longer, whereas Saab fans look forward to it. It still feel a bit guilty for selling my 2000 9-3!

    Unfortunately for Saab, their die-hard fans are not flipping into new cars regularly. I fully hope my 2009 9-3 is still in my driveway in 2020!

    • You could always keep your 2009 9-3 and get an additional 2015 or a 2018 9-3 (if they’re still called that).

      I’ve got a 2007 9-3, but as soon as it is economically feasible, I intend on getting either a 9-3 (Phoenix) or a 9-5. Admittedly that will probably be a while from now though.

    • As long as I can get parts and service and as long as I don’t have a cripping repair bill for some major component—-my 2004 9-5 wagon will be in my garage or in my driveway. I marvel at what a great fit it is for me every time I drive it. So far, after 7 1/2 years of ownership—-it’s been trouble-free. It is as tight and spirited as the day I drove it home from the dealership.

  3. That is a BEAUTIFUL car. Might there be a possibility for some interior pics?

    I keep imagining how amazing the new 9-3 replacement would be if it had the current 9-5 interior. <>

    • That’s “list price”, btw. He prolly walked out the door with a dent in his wallet closer to Cdn$55K

      Heck if I had $72K I’d buy a 9-5 Aero ! And I have a brain (I think …..)

        • You guys are hilarious. That’s a pretty common saying, I was not judging the man (a man who I’ve never met). I was simply commenting on the gargantuan sticker price, I think even 55k is way, way too high. Regardless, it is a very beautiful car and probably one of only 4 or 5 NG 9-5s in Alberta.

  4. Congratulations! … and yes the rims are great. The high-end NG 9-5s are real head-turners. In particular, the trim around the fog-lights really look awesome.

  5. It’s a really beautiful machine and it’s an emotional lift for all of us to read something like this. It reminds me of something: My family, along with thousands of others, were victims of a big flood in 1972 (Hurricane Agnes, northeastern Pennsylvania). There was river mud all over the streets, in our homes, ON our homes—-and our yards were torn up from the flooding. My uncle, who lived a street over from us, had a friend who did landscaping. As a gesture of friendship, that landscape guy re-sodded my uncle’s large back yard—-suddenly, there was bright green grass growing—-while everything around that yard was a muddy mess—the whole town was a mess. It’s funny—-but neighbors walked over to look at it—-people were so encouraged when they saw that yard redone—-in the middle of an emotionally draining disaster and a clean-up that seemed impossible to do—-someone seemingly did something unexpected—–planted grass and had landscaping done. The point is that at the worst times, things like this offer a real lift to make others feel like there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Reading about this vehicle purchase reminded me that the cars are great—-the owners are crazy in how loyal they are to the brand—and yes, even in bankruptcy, Saab has something that most other brands will never have—-a spirit that moves people like Les to do the unexpected. This is a beacon of light—-it gives me hope that something can be worked out—-somehow—-to see another new Saab produced, hopefully in 2012.

  6. I was driving home from work late last night and I a new 9-5 passed me. It was dark so all I could really see was the bar of red light across the back (and a Charles River Saab sticker), but it looked really great. I wanted to catch a front view as well, but I couldn’t catch up with him (not that I tried too too hard). I hope the driver didn’t get a ticket! It’s too bad there aren’t more of these machines around. Congrats Les!

  7. Congrats from Ottawa/Canada. That’s one hluve machine you’ve got Les…hope you drive by the capital city sometime so I can take some pictures of that beauty!

  8. I can’t understand why more people don’t buy the Edge-rims, they look stunning! I’ve been searching for a used 9-5 Aero since december (picking up my Turbo 6 next Friday!) and ONE of maybe 40 cars had the Edge-rims, while all other had the Turbines.

    • Aah the infinite wisdom of this anti-Saab site.
      I honestly can’t understand ”car guys” behaving like spoiled teenage girls when judging the NG 9-5?
      So, the MY10 GM type plastic parts don’t have a perfect fit and finish… Who the f cares?
      My family buys cars to get from place A to B. The difference is HOW you get there, not how the interior panel sits as long as it’s quiet.
      How many have their house in perfect aesthetic harmony? My god. I just noticed there’s a crack between the freezer and the cabin next to it. I must slit my wrist immediately. Come on…

      Perfect fit and finish didn’t seem to help the people driving all these German luxury cars yesterday now when the temperature has risen after a long cold period close to zero degrees C. I wasn’t speeding but probably past a hundred of them on the freeway in two hours. Some of the drivers looked really scared to be honest.
      I wonder if they appreciated their perfect interiors much?

      PS. The NG 9-5 is the best car I’ve ever driven in bad weather.

      • If 9-5 would have better refinement, with its power , look and safety would bit MB E Class ,BMW 535i and Audi A6. If Saab survives it would take few more years to get there.
        I paid 38k for my 2011 model 9-5 Aero, very happy for what I paid. Similar BMW 535i would cost me 84k here in Canada

      • Well stated RS. If a low volume manufacturer like SAAB builds a car as good as the 9-5 and uses a (relatively) modest interior to make the numbers work, that is a small price to pay for having an interesting car that isn’t on every corner. A lot of the supposedly “luxurious” interiors in other cars are overdone anyway.

    • WARNING – To anyone who may be tempted to look at that site, my PC completely froze up after viewing a few pages-and I mean completely.

    • Please do not post links to that site. This is another example of posting a bunch of gripes with no suggestions offered at all.

      Yes, e.g. the dashboard finish was a bit disappointing. What would this joker had done differently? This particular situation was publicly well known: When GM started the liquidation process December 2009, a number of suppliers threw in the towel. Among them was the supplier of that nice glass-finish dashboard fascia as shown in Frankfurt. It proved too expensive and complex to find a new supplier of that particular fascia, so they had to go with what they had at the time (better to delay the 9-5 for another 6 or 12 months? I hardly think so — again: Where is his suggestions? How would he have solved this problem? It is really easy to criticize and this guy proves that over and over again).

      As RS keep telling us, the car is an absolute marvel on the road. Driving it is a pure pleasure, and it gets better as conditions get rougher. I’ve driven the 9-5 over a wide range of surfaces and conditions, some places so bad I would almost avoid riding there with my mountain bike. But hey! Let us focus on the interior finish instead!

      So please, do not waste our time here with advertising such sites.

      • Your comments are too harsh Rune. It is an excellent site – for people who judge cars in the same way they evaluate double recliner sofas.

    • What Saab has a noisy steering rack?! The only noise I’ve ever experienced has been the strut bearing in the NG 9-3. Changed ones (250.000 miles ago) and been completely silent since.
      In fact one of the reasons for us to buy Saabs has been the high quality power steering, but of course you can’t keep the same fluid in there for decades.

  9. Congratulations Les, you own a 9-5 that is 99.5% perfect! LOVE those Edge alloys but to get that extra 0.5% it needs to be Arctic White. Having driven the Aero all I can say is I am jealous as hell.


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