Bill Jacobsons´s Saabs at home in Swedish territory

Saab 99 1970

As written here on SU some week ago Bil Jacobson and Tom Donney “split” the heritage Saab cars from Saab USA. Now the car bought by Bill has made it to Wilmington Delaware. A region with really deep Swedish connection by the way it was here the first Swedish settlers came 1638-1655 trading with the natives and later on built a church but that is another story. read more here” title=”New Sweden”

According to Hemmings Blog the largest collector car marketplace on the web who refers to SU in an article, Bill might show some of the cars at the Simeone Automotive Museum in Philadelphia. More on that when we know more.

Bill´s Garage

Saab 900 Talladega

Skip Barber Saab formula racer

99 Turbo

7 thoughts on “Bill Jacobsons´s Saabs at home in Swedish territory”

  1. I’ve known Bill for a number of years and am lucky to live close enough to his business. He’s happy (and proud) to show you his collection at any time. For the ulitmate Saab fix, stop on by!

  2. Bill Jacobson has been a family friend of my family for 25 years! He opened up “Hunt Valley Saab” back in 1998, which then was renamed to “Saab of Baltimore” here in Towson, Maryland. he hired my father in ’98 where he was appointed as the Service Manager to the Service department. His name is Jeff Hudson, a big name here in maryland if you’re a saab person. Hes a great guy, Bill Jacobson, and my next saab will be from him!

  3. Congratulations Bill. I can’t wait to visit and see the collection! Bill is a great friend and an inspiration in helping me start State of Nine. Have fun and good luck trying to pick which Saab to drive! – Dan

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