Complaints sent to The Parliamentary Ombudsmen (JO)

Ex-CEO Peter Smedman of Ackordscentralen has sent complaints to JO, about the way the Saab bankruptcy has been handled.

The Ombudsmen for Justice (JO) or the Parliamentary Ombudsmen to give them their official title are elected by the Swedish Riksdag (Parliament) to ensure that public authorities and their staff comply with the laws and other statutes governing their actions. The Ombudsmen exercise this supervision by evaluating and investigating complaints from the general public, by making inspections of the various authorities and by conducting other forms of inquiry that they initiate themselves.

Peter Smedman is very critical to:
a. The way the three lawyers where appointed
b. Disqualification issues regarding one or more of the lawyers

The two governmental agencies who Peter Smedman wants JO to look at are:
– Tingsrätten i Vänersborg (The Vänersborg Court)
– Tillsynsmyndigheten i Konkurser (Control agency for bancruptcy supervision)

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And this means….? Since I don’t understand Swedish government or law, just wondering if this has the potential to disrupt things right when it seems a bidder may be accepted within the next two weeks. Anything that slows down the process now cannot be good.


??? I also don’t understand what it means . It won’t be translated in french for sure -:(


Does anyone at SU have more info about Youngman’s confirmed bid?


Um.. sorry, confirmed by “sources” thus far, not officially confirmed by YM or administrators. But a multi-Billion SEK bid has been placed by Youngman, according to multiple sources, a bid that is said to ensure production of some sort in Trollhattan.


Although one is hopefully waiting for a new owner of Saab those mentioned issues should be clarified with hindsight. It seemed to be a bit mysterious.

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