Dutch warranty solution

The Dutch Saab importer Beherman has set up a warranty plan in cooperation with the Dutch dealers:


Saab importer and dealer network to launch an alternative to factory warranty scheme.

Utrecht – The bankruptcy of Saab Automobile on 19 December, ended the official, 24 months applicable manufacturer’s warranty. Although the liquidators now lead Saab Automobile, and not  yet have decided on the possible continuation of that guarantee, the Dutch importer Beherman Saab Group, in collaboration with the Dutch dealers has created an alternative. Importantly it also incorporates the wide availability of original parts. For Saab drivers nothing will change, despite the bankruptcy of Saab in Sweden, in terms of security and low maintenance.

The Beherman Group, the official Saab importer for the Benelux, together with the official Dutch Saab network, consisting of 38 service points, has designed an alternative concept to the loss of the factory guarantee. This alternative plan warranty is only valid for cars sold over the last 24 months through the official Dutch Saab sales channel in the Netherlands. The initiative comes to end a period of uncertainty for all Dutch Saab drivers with a recently purchased new Saab.

New Saabs
The decision of the Beherman Group and its dealers to set up an alternative planned guarantee, is positive for the Saab enthousiasts who are still looking for a new Saab. In the Netherlands there are only 40 available. For these cars as well as the plus minus 1500 Saabs sold in the last two years this plan does provide an alternative warranty plan.

Wies Norbert Meier, chairman of the Dutch Saab dealer association about the development: “We are pleased with the initiative as an organization. The warranty plan we have developed together with the importer, is solid and takes a lot of uncertainty away. This is important for dealers and customers. ”

Saab Parts
Consumers can now return to any  Dutch Saab Saab dealer in case of a guarantee claim . The car will be repaired using original parts. Parts Deliveries are no problem, not now and not in the future. Saab Parts, the division responsible for the global supply of original parts, was not included nor influenced by the  bankruptcy of Saab Automobile.

Dealer Channel
Philippe Mertens, Director Saab Benelux: “Thanks to the alternative warranty plan, the wide availability of original parts plus the  Saab dealer network  being fully intact, Saab drivers can rely on the service they are accustomed. Their Saab will, now and in the future, be held  in full operational order in the best way possible, using Saab Original Parts used by the official Saab Dealer Network in the Netherlands! “

14 thoughts on “Dutch warranty solution”

  1. Sorry, but my dealer confirmed to me only one hour ago that the UK warranty is null and void. However, the 3yr free service and AA breakdown cover are still active for those cars that qualify. I hope that the Dutch arrangement is copied here very soon.

    • a bid doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually BOUGHT Saab. And since Mahindra is (a kind of) manufacturer, GM will not agree on the sale, i guess. unless they made a huge deal on the IP.

      • Sorry you misunderstood. A bid is a bid. Diidn’t say they bought it. They placed a bid or will place a bid, who knows. I’m not privy to all that, that’s all. No deal yet

    • I wouldn’t give much to that M&M wants to buy Ducati thing.

      The current owners of Ducati are trying to sell it, this is true, but only one news outlet, is saying that M&M is interested in Ducati.

  2. what about the warranty in Belgium.Itought that Beherman is also importer of Belgium?My local dealer told me that there is no warranty at all anymore!!!Is that correct?

    • In my opinion what is claimed here for the Netherlands is equally true for Belgium and Luxembourg.
      I just had a part of my new 9-5 ( 2010) broken and it got replaced under warranty.

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