Hirsch brakes for the first generation 9-5

Yesterday Tim posted about his attempt to fit 331 mm Hirsch brakes on a 2007 9-5. I got some additional information about this issue directly from Hirsch today.

Those 331 mm brakes were originally designed for the Troll and Saab Performance by Hirsch 2002 model versions. Since it was originally destined for those models and due to its size they it only be installed in combination with the Hirsch Performance 17″ or 18″ 6-spoke wheels. It looks like exactly that issue caused the problems for Tim and his friends when they tried to install it.

From model year 2006 on Hirsch offered the 345 mm brake for the 9-5 and 9-3 that fits the standard rims, too. This one could have been installed without problems. I got it in my 9-3x and I just love the performance it offers.

So if you are offered a Hirsch Performance brake kit for your 9-5 make sure to check the diameter to be sure if it really fits.

5 thoughts on “Hirsch brakes for the first generation 9-5”

  1. Anyone see last nights UK Top Gear, fascinating article on the Chinese auto industry, a new car sold every 2.3 seconds, I can see now why the Chinese are so interested in getting hold of an existing manufacturer like Saab, the profits will almost be instant.

  2. Though, it looks like that noboday cares on the content of this article, I just want to add that I asked Hirsch two times regarding an upgrade of the barkes on my 9-5 Aero MY00 but always got a “not available any more” back. Thus, I went for that from JBT (ventilated with slits , front 330×30 and rear 330×26) and drive them happily since almost two years (except some noise if they are dusty).

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