Let’s Keep Calm & Focused!

I ended up taking a little break from writing about Saab recently, because there were some things going on in the Saab community that I didn’t quite understand, and didn’t want to be part of. Saab blogs were attacking one another, and there were also a lot of accusations going regarding possible incorrectly reported news.

Why was this going on? My thoughts are that people are feeling quite emotional and vulnerable right now, and they’re just venting their frustration. The administrators aren’t talking much about the bids or bidders, and we’re only finding interesting bits of information here and there to report on. We’d all love to give you more news, but we’re not about to make anything up in order to satisfy a need. Instead, we wait like everyone else. While we wait for bigger news to report, we’re working hard to keep the Saab community focused, positive and peaceful.

A positive and peaceful community is what we can do to help the administrators, and the future for Saab. What we say and do online is watched by many people. Many more than we give credit for. Saab is in a very sensitive position right now, and we as a community, could play a potentially major role in making or breaking the deal, even now. The world paid great attention to our rallies in January, and they’re watching us now. Be assured things are moving positively behind the scenes, and trust that Saab is in good hands. We need to keep the focus amongst ourselves, we’ve done what we could to show that Saab was worth saving. The world indeed listened to our voice, there’s no doubt about that!

We did really well too. Saab doesn’t only just have one interested party, it has up to fourteen different interested parties! Many have teamed up to make a more efficient bid for Saab, so there is a potential of 6-7 bids that the administrators will be looking at. I don’t believe a comeback as big as this, has ever happened in the automotive industry. We’re about to show the world a brand new future of Saab. Its history in the making right now.

And guess what kind of parties will be thrown once Saab’s new future is sealed? Let’s keep our focus and get ready to party soon! Its coming.

34 thoughts on “Let’s Keep Calm & Focused!”

  1. Very true! And if a buyer does get Saab and start to build new cars, as fans we must buy cars to keep the brand alive. We all love the Saab we drive (obviously!) but in order to support the brand we MUST MUST MUST buy new cars under the new owner. If Saab fans do not buy Saabs, who will?

    • I agree! I might be a tad bit late (or early) to the party so I’ll be picking up my new SAAB tomorrow, but I think it’s equally important to support the brand even now. But it’ll definitely be even more important when the phoenix rises from the ashes. Maybe I’ll get a new 900 3-4 years from now 🙂

      • Go buy your car say HI to Sead at Kongahälla Bil. Go by Trollhättan and take some nice pictures and we can publish them here at SU! Good luck!

        • I bought my 2011 93 SportCombi in November, before the whole bankruptcy mess happened. I did support Saab. I could have purchased a CTS Wagon or a TSX SportWagon for only a couple of thousand dollars more, instead I took a leap of faith to be a new Saab owner and got burned as a customer.

          If Saab is purchased and builds cars again, I will most certainly buy a new 93 a few years after they’re on the market. I wanted to keep this SportCombi for at least 6 or 7 years, but as a fan I will buy a new one in 3-4 years instead.

  2. I agree fully

    Why not a new rally to remind the world that we are not asleep, but still here, that we not given up, and make it as a “Saab Day” every year for now on. The more attention from newspapers and news tends to be a good thing, especially when we are fighting for a good cause.

    Well I will get a brand new …… but still keep my old love , my 9-5 Aero SC in our family .

  3. Not to worry about the Volvo news. Its no surprise that they want parts, but its just a formality. In case nobody does buy the entire Saab company, companies will be allowed to bid for parts. Remember, the administrators have stressed multiple times that they are interested in selling Saab as a whole company first. If that does not work, then it will come down to parts sales. I see no reason to be discouraged how things are moving along.

    And I am extremely happy to hear you all either buying, or wanting to buy new cars. We definitely all need to be doing that, now and in the future. 🙂

  4. More than a day has passed since the rumour was started here and I’ve yet to read that BMW have officially denied that their hat is in the ring. Mmmm… interesting! Has anyone heard if anyone connected with them has said anything?

    • This is an excerpt from a Feb 9 SU Post…

      There have been some rumors about German interest in Saab and so ttela gave it a try by calling BMW and VW asking for a comment:

      When TTELA reaches BMW spokesman in Munich, Markus Sagesman, he has this to say.

      – It is not the case at present, but I need to check with my colleague in charge of matters relating to Saab.

      After checking with the matter again, he says.

      – No, there are no such plans currently.

  5. Thank you Anne. Nice to read from you again, good writing. Huhuh, also on Facebook ( but that’s under my real name). Carry on! Peter

  6. Thanks, I’m happy there is at least one editor here on the website that carry on the heritage of Swade.

    Cutting through the crap, killing unfounded rumours and keep this engaged, but also emotional, community on the correct path. After all, as long as the community is cared for and not exposed to constant ups and downs, then there´s hope for the future of Saab!

    Keep calm and carry on.

  7. Its great to be back! I’m going to be making my writing more regular on here, from now on. Saabists are great people, and I really enjoy contributing to the community.

  8. I found a great way to “keep calm” today. I was at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on business. Instead of taking my company Prius, I drove my 9-5. On the return to my office, I decided to drive on the scenic, beautiful and historic George Washington Parkway. It’s an absolutely beautiful (bordering on unbelievable) February day. Sunny, clear blue skies. 66 degrees (according to my Saab outside temp gauge). Light traffic. I opened the sunroof, turned on the radio, sat back and drove. I took in the sights and enjoyed the performance of my Saab. I wished that ride would never come to an end—but sadly, I had to get on the beltway and get back to work! I would have been happy driving that car until sundown—-it was peaceful and satisfying. If this bankruptcy thing is stressing you out—-I recommend getting in your Saab and driving!

  9. I’m still confident that we can party soon. Unfortunately too many people here seem to be getting ready for a wake. Positive thinking please folks. Doom-sayers please head somewhere else!

  10. Wow—-things have sure been quiet since last week. Seems like there aren’t many new posts. No news. Is this what the calm before the storm feels like?

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