On Saab warranty and parts in Benelux

We received a press info from Beherman Group regarding the warranty issues of Saab owners in the Benelux area:


The Saab Importer for Belgium, the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg and The Netherlands and its network of distributors offer an alternative for the factory warranty.

Bornem/Utrecht – The request for bankruptcy of Saab Automobile, on December 19th, has put an end to the 24 months of official factory warranty. The administrators at Saab have not yet made a decision on the possible continuation of this warranty. In the meantime, the Saab Benelux Importer, in collaboration with its network in Belgium, the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg and The Netherlands have developed an alternative. The large availability of original spare parts is an important element in this context. For the Saab drivers there will not be a lot of changes regarding warranty and maintenance, even in spite of the bankruptcy of Saab.

The Beherman Group, the official Saab Importer for Benelux, has developed, in collaboration with its official distribution network composed of 71 service points, an alternative concept to compensate for the disappearance of the factory warranty. This alternative plan is only valid for new cars that were sold during the last 24 months and through the official network of Saab dealers in Belgium, The Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg and the Netherlands. This initiative puts an end to the uncertain period for Saab drivers having bought a new Saab recently.

New Saabs
The decision of the Beherman Group and its network to develop an alternative plan for the warranty is also good news for all those Saab lovers that are looking to buy a new Saab (or a company car). At this moment there are only about 70 cars left in Belgium, The Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg and The Netherlands. These cars, together with the +/- 3.500 new Saabs that were sold in these three countries over the last two years can benefit from this alternative plan for the warranty.

Saab Spare parts
As from today, the customer can contact his official Repairer Saab in Benelux again for warranty repairs at his recently bought car. The car will be repaired with original Saab spare parts. There are no problems regarding supply of spare parts. Not today, not in the future, since Saab Parts, the division responsible for the worldwide distribution of Saab parts, was not involved in the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile.

Philippe Mertens, Director Saab Benelux: “Thanks to the alternative plan for the warranty, the large availability of original spare parts and the fidelity of the network, the Saab drivers know they will be able to get the usual level of service and that their Saab, today and in the future, will be kept in perfect condition.”

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“There are no problems regarding supply of spare parts. Not today, not in the future”

This makes me confused. My ´09 9-3 XWD has been waiting for a new ABS ecu now for 5 weeks and there´s no info when it´ll be available. The car has no ABS, TCS, ESP and XWD…


We’ve to believe the part situation now. It’s stated so often so it must be true.
I also wait for some srews and bits and pieces for my 95 MY 2003. And I don’t believe this ghosttrain on “no problems with parts”. Maybe I should order the parts via Benelux and not in Switzerland…

Red J

I think the parts situation is different from country to country, and it could well be that countries with an independent importer like Beherman in the Benelux were able to normalize the situation faster than in countries like Switzerland, Germany or Finland, where Saab was directly in charge of the distribution.


This could be in some cases. But I still find it confusing that they state “no problems regarding supply of spare parts”. How could it be that a dealer here cannot get a part if it´s available in somewhere else? There´s no stocks anywhere according my dealer. They´ve tried to order it from other countries but it´s not stocked anywhere. I´m lucky to have a loaner (great BMW 530XD) but this makes me think if I can keep my Saab any longer, if parts are really a problem. And I´m just one of many here. I was told that situation… Read more »


This is very good news for the Benelux.

Here in Montreal Canada, it was impossible for me to order a part for my 08 SC Turbo X from my Saab dealer last Friday. The gentleman at the service department told me that if they don’t have the part in their inventory, they can not order it.

I’m sure this is a temporary situation until the bankruptcy is settled.


This should at the very least give me some leverage to solve the problem with my seats’ upholstery – still officially under the 2 year warranty. 🙂

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