One week, one state, one Saab, two All American Roads

Boiler Bay, near Depoe Bay, Oregon Coast

Last week I had a weeks vacation in beautiful Oregon. I have lived here twice and return frequently. My good friend and SUHRT sponsor Travis Decker at Atomic Auto in Portland let me have a 9-5 AERO y/m 2000. Took the car on some of US most beautiful roads according to Federal Highway Administration. US has 38 road at the highest level of recognition All-American Roads and Oregon has no more then 4.
Oregon Coast is the best part of Highway 101, californians are welcome to go north.

Looking south from Cape Lookout

Crowne Point at the Historic Columbia River Highway (well it rains some days in Oregon….)
The Gorge drive is spectacular and also a supreme experience often called “King of Roads”.

Multnomah Falls in Columbia Gorge is US highest waterfall

The 9-5 is for sale at Atomic Auto one of US largest independent Saab full service, and collision repair.
It is nicely appointed with black interior, heated/ventilated seats, leather door sides, california whale nut dash, tinted windovs, moonroof, 5 speed.

3 thoughts on “One week, one state, one Saab, two All American Roads”

  1. That 9-5 Aero is exactly the same configuration (red, charcoal leather, 5-speed manual) I had circa 2005 before a good friend grabbed it from me – he still has it and it drives brilliant with an optimized software package.

    Beautiful car indeed.

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