Saab auction in Germany

This afternoon I got to know that GMAC chose BCA to sell their leftover Saabs. The auction started today and ends on the 07th of February at 14:59. Those 25 cars are surely worth a look, they are all more or less new 9-3 and a few 9-5. The cars will be available for pick up at BCA Hamburg 7 days after auction ends.

As far as I was told this auction is open to everyone but to make sure about the details on how to bid cou can check their international site. They have offices in many European countries so it should not be a problem to buy the cars within Europe.

Go get one…

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Makes me sad to see this list and I have to wonder why these cars were standing around in unsold in Sweden when dealers in other markets couldn’t get enough. 🙁


Strange auction site little info on how the cars specified.
Crappy pictures taken in a Swedish garage by a non- professional photographer.
Why can they not learn from Ebay???
Scary to bid on such bad quality information…


Yeah the professional auctioneers appear to be the least professional… 😮


Gorgeous, Das auto ist fine! Ya?


I had to register in order to get to comment on this post. I’ve driven now 9-5 Aero TTiD XWD for six months and I can tell you that it’s the greatest car one can have. In the Finnish winter (where we have now in the capital area -16 celsius, half a meter of snow and worst snowstorm of this winter ongoing) it’s been so much fun. I was first a little worried about the short torque area of a diesel, whether it won’t be as much fun as a petrol car, but I can tell you that with this… Read more »


Only for dealers. I tried to register… 🙁

“Endast bilhandlare godkänns som budgivare och köpare på BCA Direct.”

That sucks.

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