Saab Parts Sales for Canada is back

Great news for Canadian Saab owners and dealers. Effective today, IFS and SCNA will restart parts shipments to Canada. This will be handled the same way as the recently announced restart of the US Parts program and we should see parts start to flow nicely again very soon. I would say that as dealers have just now received the information, give them a little time to get everything set up. Great news is hard to come by and this is a step in the right direction.


In response to a question brought up on this thread, I emailed Tim Colbeck yesterday and got this response last night:

Jason,  Just yesterday, a bulletin went out announcing restart of parts sales in Canada.  We are about to restart shipping of parts from Sweden, first on backorders.  The new parts company hopefully will be formed soon to ensure perpetual source of parts.  So the parts news is getting better.  Tim

 I hope that answers the question clearly enough. A lot of work has gone into restoring the parts chain and a lot more work is ongoing. I can assure you all that Tim is working just as hard now as he always has been and things will get better on the parts front very shortly.

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  1. Jason, this is good news. Is there any progress on finding a new long-term owner for the parts importation and supplies business? Tim Colbeck had said that he thought there would be a buyer by the end of February. I’ve also read that they have tried to pressure GM to pick up 2010 and 2011 warranties, to no avail, unsurprisingly. It’s concerning that there are long-term solutions in Sweden, Benelux, UK, etc., but none for North America as yet.

    • Not sure what you mean, Tim had said what? A buyer for the parts business?? As it sits, he and IFS which was our importer for vehicles have worked it out for dealers to start ordering parts again. Let me know what you mean and I will email him, he has been pretty quick to respond in the past and has continued to work hard for Saab through everything.

      • In various news reports in January he had said that SCNA was liquidating and that he was searching for a buyer for the parts distribution portion of the Saab business in North America. He was reported to have said that he hoped to have a buyer lined up by the end of February. Any google search of Saab, bankruptcy, Colbeck would give you the same info, but here’s a quote from an article posted here on SU:

        “Saab Cars North America ‘laid off probably 80 percent of the employees’ on Jan. 13, said McTevia. He said he is seeking a buyer for the U.S. parts distribution business, which he described as the only meaningful asset. Tim Colbeck, president of Saab Cars North America, expects a buyer for the parts business will be found by the end of February. “There still will be a market for parts,” Colbeck said. The question is whether there will be a U.S. distributor for parts.”

        So, maybe it’s all been worked out, but if so it hasn’t been communicated beyond the fact that SCNA is again allowing for the distribution of parts from its current stock in warehouses, but are they yet importing fresh supplies? And who will be overseeing the parts business once SCNA doesn’t exist any longer?

          • I think saabman was trying to find out what the status of parts distribution in the US and not Canada is. I’m also very interested to know where the US stands as I have some customers that have been in need of some parts since december.

            • The US is already up and running. I guess it depends on the dealer and if they are placing orders. In Tim’s response, it seems that they are starting to ship parts from Sweden very shortly on back order items first. These things take time and I believe this should be done shortly as he said.

              • Thanks for making this inquiry, Jason. It is helpful. I was aware that parts were again being distributed in the US, and glad to see that they are on board with Canada now, too as you reported yesterday. The best news is that they will soon be receiving shipments from Sweden again to replenish the supply and fill back orders and that they are still working on establishing a permanent parts supply company for North America. As noted above, they had said by the end of February and we hadn’t heard anything, so this update is helpful and encouraging. There are so many Saabs here and we want to ensure their good running health. Again, thank you for inquiring. You’re the best!

  2. Small mercies…

    Haven’t needed anything beyond fluids on Turbo X and ’09 9-3 since shutdown– but nice to know.

    What about Hirsch stuff, Jason? Rumour has it that there is only one Hirsch authorized dealer in Canada currently [Montreal].

    [The state of Hirsch (in Canada and elsewhere) deserves a separate post].

    • To be honest, I haven’t heard much on Hirsch. Hirsch came to Canada just as everything started to fall apart and many dealers including my location opted to hold off until we had some clear direction as to what was happening at Saab. I do believe that Hirsch parts were ordered the same way as Saab parts and when the Saab parts ordering system went away, so did the Hirsch ordering systems. I think I read somewhere that Hirsch was looking to re-establish an order system with dealers. I will try to find info out on this for you.

      • I have been in contact with Hirsch. They are trying to re-establish an order system of some sort in the USA. Here is their e-mail response to my inquiry on a carbon leather instrument panel for a 2010 9-5 Aero:

        “We are sorry to hear about your situation. We are trying to get a new ordering set-up in place, but it will take some time. If you cannot wait, please ask your dealer to contact us directly, and we will see what we can do. Please note that genuine Hirsch Performance parts are only available at Saab dealerships, and are not available for online purchase. We therefore kindly urge you to please beware of counterfeit products offered on unauthorized web sites.”

        That was on 3 Feb 12. I’m sitting tight for now and will pulse them again in the summer.

  3. SCNA is distributing parts in the states? Hadn’t heard of this. My T-X is still waiting for some sort of oil return line. Car has been in the shop for three weeks. Anybody know who I can contact about parts?

    • I don’t know of any official sources, but Shaw Saab in Massachusetts which closed as a dealership has reopened its parts division: You could contact them to see if they have access to or know how to get what you need. They just sent an email to customers saying they are open and taking orders. They are great to work with.

      • +1. Can’t say enough about them. Hopefully Roy is still employed there. Fantastic customer service.

        Another option is to contact Saab of Memphis dealership … they are into the part ordering/distribution business now I believe. They may even launch a parts website soon.

  4. Thank you to all the people who have worked hard to restart the sale of Saab parts in Canada.

    I’m looking for a Hirsch performance upgrade kit to 300hp for my SC Turbo X, 6 speeds automatic. It’s not available in our market. is there somebody who can help me to find it?

    I would like to get the upgrade done on my Saab before my birthday on May 4 🙂

    • Simon- You are my clone:). There are no more engine/software Turbo X upgrades available via Hirsch (in any market, to the best of my knowledge and certainly not in North America). However, there are several after-market options that I would embrace: VTuner and Maptun are the two that I have (good) personal experience with. 320 HP/380 + lbs torque at the crank (not wheel) can be had for less than $1000…. The Turbo X is transformed by such (and why it wasn’t released out the door that way…oy vey…).You’re welcome to contact me to discuss (I’ll PM you).

      • NTP: I have the 280 hp V6 in my 2009 Aero XWD. Same engine and drive train as the Turbo X. You really noticed a big difference? In what way? You have piqued my interest, as I ruled out the need for the power upgrade. (At our last West Cananda Saab club meeting we were discussing the Maptun upgrade for the 2002 9-3SE HOT engine).

        • I do, Dmain. The XWD is so utterly planted that the car ‘screams’ for more- comes more alive! I ‘hang’ with 2 other Turbo X owners here in GTA and they can confirm (neither of which tuned, leased — but that shouldn’t matter as life is short…). Both aforementioned tuners are flash based, thus reversible in minutes if warranty (such that is…) is a concern. Again, cake icing and well within limits on a car that is properly maintained, After all, the same engine/ transmission combo in the new 9-5, Hirsched (without any hardware upgrades), is conservatively pushing g 330 HP/Torque. As mentioned to Simon, I’ve ratcheted up further with Intercooler and bits (in anticipation of moving to Stage 2 at 380-ish HP) . No worse gas mileage than it ever was (yes, thirsty…but might have even gained a MPG).

          If you’ll allow me to ‘befriend’ you too you’re welcome to contact me further. You might wish to check the myriad of posts on SaabCentral discussing tunes ( including my own: ‘Turbo X: 3 years on…’).

  5. What is the situation in the US? Parts and service? In California, it seems all the GM dealers act as if you were speaking martian.

  6. Great news! Thanks once again Jason for keeping those of us in the Great White North informed.

    On a related note, I think Tim Colbeck has done great work since joining SCNA. I hope you”ll pass on our thanks to him. Personally speaking, I hope he will be part of any “new” SAAB that emerges from this mess.

    • I totally agree with your thoughts on Tim and his commitment to Saab has been incredible. I have already thanked him for all of us, he is a gem in the Saab world and I have to say that if we lose him it will be a sad day for SCNA and a great day for whoever would get him. We have heard of the hero’s of Saab in the past and I have to say that in North America, he fills those shoes very well.

  7. Thanks for the good news, it sure brings some confidence back. All the hard work by Tim Colbeck and his team is much appreciated. Wish them best of luck with the current situation.

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