“Saab Parts UK” – News Update for Saab Owners

■New warranty product (Saab Secure) announced
■Saab GB Service Plans from last year honoured at participating dealers
■New Saab Authorised Repairer appointed in London

Following Saab Great Britain Limited entering Administration on 29th November, 2011 and Saab Automobile A.B. filing for bankruptcy protection on 19th December, 2011, the Administrators for both companies suspended the processing of all new vehicle warranty claims.

With no further public statement clarifying the warranty position from the Administrators since 19th December, 2011, Saab Automobile Parts UK (trading as Saab Parts UK) has developed a flexible warranty product called Saab Secure which will offer customers reassurance regarding their on-going Saab ownership.

Saab Secure, an insured warranty product administered independently by Momentum Warranties Ltd, offers Saab owners great value for money with up to five years cover priced from under £500. With guaranteed instant cover and unlimited mileage from day one, Saab Secure can also be applied to Saab vehicles that are already outside the original manufacturer three year warranty period. Owners interested in learning more about Saab Secure should contact their nearest Saab Authorised Repairer by using the dealer locator at www.saab.co.uk or by telephoning the Saab Secure call centre on 0844 848 7168 .

David Leighton, Saab Parts UK Aftersales Business Development Manager, said: “Saab Secure is a very competitively priced warranty package that can be tailored to the individual requirements of owners, whether they are recent or historical purchasers. In light of the continued uncertainty surrounding the new vehicle warranty, Saab Parts UK provides customers with an alternative solution for their warranty needs.”

Saab Parts UK has also announced a further positive measure to help a large number of Saab purchasers from last year. For those owners who bought their new or used Saab with a complimentary free of charge servicing plan provided by Saab Great Britain Limited, Saab Parts UK is now pleased to confirm that these service plans will be honoured.

“Working together with the network of Saab Authorised Repairers, we are delighted to be able to reassure approximately 1,500 owners registered for the programme and in receipt of their service plan card, that their vehicle will continue to be serviced free of charge at participating repairers for the remaining period of their plan,” added David Leighton.

The Saab Authorised Repairer network is continuing to grow, with the latest and 88th Saab Authorised Repairer now up and running. Monorep, in Norwood Green, London, is Saab’s 10th appointed Authorised Repairer inside the M25 offering Saab owners approved servicing, repair and bodyshop facilities with trained technicians and full access to genuine Saab parts.

Alan Cowan, Sales Director at Saab Parts UK, said: “I welcome the appointment of Monorep as a positive step forwards in customer convenience for Saab owners in West London and as testament to the business opportunity that exists as a Saab Authorised Repairer. We look forward to appointing more Saab Authorised Repairers in the coming months.”

For further information please contact:

Saab Parts UK                                                Tel: 0845 3009395
Martell House                                                  www.saab.co.uk
University House
MK43 0TR

12 thoughts on ““Saab Parts UK” – News Update for Saab Owners”

    • I have read about this scheme here on SaabsUnited, but seen nothing anywhere else. I registered for it, but it remains to be seen what it actually means. But it’s worrying to har a dealer knew nothing.

      • Spoke to Saab Customer Care today who confirmed the Software Update Offer is valid and available from all participating official Saab repairers.

        The dealer who brushed me off is getting a surprise later when Saab ask them why they didn’t know about it and why they rudely dismissed me!

        As I said before, these few remaining “dealers” need to get switched on before it’s too late.

  1. I’ve heard that something will happen here in Germany, till then it’s nice to heard that solutions are being found on different countries.

    Griffin ^^ (I don’t know if we can say UP! anymore as it may be a trademark now 🙁 )

  2. This isn`t really a proper solution as it`s something that has to be bought. However, all credit to Charles Toosey, SAAB Parts UK boss, for coming up with something while the administrators sit on their thumbs. He`s obviously a very shrewd businessman – perhaps he should put in a bid for SAAB?!

  3. In Australia , we get no warranty support at all for pre (GM) and post (Spyker/SWAN) sold cars , Saab Australia dealers are selling the last of new cars in stock with no warranty at 50% below cost

  4. Word of warning when it comes to bought in warranties. You get what you pay for in life, a cheap cost policy will have a very low max claim limit. Not much use when the water pump goes on your 9-3 TiD and you’ve got a £4k bill for a new engine and your warranty only covers £750!

    A proper dealer service instead of a ‘Fred in the Shed’ oil and filter change will can make all the difference when it comes to reliability.

  5. Was speaking to my dealer yesterday and he said that they are offering a warranty that is 90% like the factory warranty and that it is included in the purchase of the car.

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

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