Statement from Brightwell to SU

Recently we got in contact with Zamier Ahmed who lead the team that was dealing with the acquisition of Saab. Here is the statement we got from him just a few minutes ago:

It is with great regret that we must inform you that we have withdrawn from the race for Saab. GM’s intransigence to cooperate and forge a relationship to revive Saab and additionally create revenue for GM was “not in the interests of its shareholders”. We remain bemused, shocked and above all disappointed that we could not join the Saab family.
We hope that Saab finds a home where its new owner will sustain the company’s heritage as we planned to.

Thanks for your efforts to Zamier and the rest of the Brightwell team.

While I personally find it pretty sad that they had to withdraw their application without even placing their final bid I guess that it lies in the nature of the process that we have to say goodbye to some parties sooner or later and so I’d still like to draw your attention to my recent post.

26 thoughts on “Statement from Brightwell to SU”

  1. I have 3 years waiting to buy a new Saab, If my destiny is not to have a Saab because of GM intransigence, also I wouldn’t have a GM. GM will be my last option to buy and my last option to recommend.
    GM is not playing a fair game.

  2. Are we going to be like that guy, only complaining about GM. Are we going to be like that guy who leaves cause he ‘s got to get up early in the morning? Are we going to be like that guy? No we’re not, so let’s grab an ice cold BUD and JOIN THE PARTY.

    • I’m finding it increasingly difficult to carve out an automotive space for myself …neither Jerk-Off GM (with their restrictive covenants ) nor BMW/ Audi (whom I ‘d suggest would force Saab into a corner too, that wouldn’t risk their own portfolios). Chrysler’s no better: In precarious mode — and if they hope to revive Alfa (haven’t they treated them rather shoddily–and closing the Museum!), where would Saab be compromised? Volvo is out for a variety of reasons–styling being just one! And after reading an interview with Volvo’s USA CEO on Swedespeed it’s confirmed my prejudices that they are an utterly unimaginative lot.

      A tough walk, for sure. But couldn’t somebody fill The Gap?

      Somebody that had deeper pockets than Spyker/Swan w more competence…M&M strikes me as the (almost) perfect partner. If they could do what Tata has done with Jaguar. BTW: I’d probably end up there if I was looking for a ‘premium’ marque that wasn’t on every street corner.

      Is it that difficult to substitute GM technology? And does it’s replacement have to come from Munich?

      Or Hail Mary Pass? Open letter to Koenigsegg: Can’t you figure out a way to infuse some of your know-how on a volume(ish) platform? Can we not conquer the usual suspects but still make a little money in the process? It’s not about Alacantra headliner: Please, if you could resurrect your original plan for 400+ HP 9-5 (or 9-3!) with Saab flair. Over time we can address the ‘entry-level’…

  3. GM has no intention to cooperate with Brightwell. Can’t say that I blame GM at all. I wouldn’t want to have to cooperate with a company that is not an automobile manufacturer either.

    • Your beloved gm not so long ago was bailed out – you must’ve missed tout on that….now they have thier nose so high that they shouldn’t be talking to other companies? What a comic statement!

  4. VM is actually advising Brightwell? No? So even VM who knows Saab and GM so well is unable to secure a breakthrough in the dicussion with GM, I am very worried for the rest. Looks like the one that will win the race is one willing to develop a new platform (Pheonix?) totally independent of GM.

    I mentioned before many times, to restart production without GM’s green light is not an option at all.

  5. At this time all over the world children are returning home to be under the roof of their parents. Of all the days for this news to happen, SAAB Group has become one of the top defense companies in the world. What a dream if after all these years the prodigal car to return to the family. This would be so right as Dad now has lots of money and “back to the future.”

    I do not want to sound like a broken record as this has been said several times, but it is now time for the rest of our US Saab owners to contact their US Senators and Congressmen. I have already made my position known to both, in the strongest possible terms. Please take up the sword to stop this GM power play because we taxpayers deserve this sale to reimburse us. We are the owners, not the UAW and its minions.

    SAAB Soars.

  6. If Brightwell is out, does that mean GM will not even allow the current 9-3 to be build with their parts? If so, is there any chance for M and M? So far all assumptions have proven wrong. Write my Arizona rep? Are you joking? He is too busy beating up the unemployed, and the poor. He voted against the GM ballout so he has no dog in this fight. The 3000 Saab owners in his district are of no concern to him. He wouldn’t cross the street to help a foreign car company. Sorry dudes , too many on the far right see Saab owners as elitist liberals. We need to understand any new owners, will have to go it alone. Who can do that? perhaps only one.

    • Daniel,
      this is just the standard Tue 9:00 telephone conference.
      I hope to hear some more encouraging news, and I don’t think that they will have much to say about Brightwell.

  7. Dear All,
    Please lets stop writing on GM. No comment, no arguing, no hope, no single word. Lets help Saab to burn all bridges to this monster. Saab will only have a future if this happens. It was probably VM’s biggest mistake to trust on them, so lets burry this unfortunate past and look forward into a bright GM-free future…..please!!

  8. Please, kick GM out of Saab. Who ever is able to do so. And if BMW really wants some platform technology they should choose Saab engineering. Not least because of great people working at Saab. Years ago Mercedes left Chrysler, they knew why.

    • And the built-in customer base BMW will get if they purchase Saab. The sooner GM is completely separated from Saab, the sooner Saab can be onto bigger and better things. GM is a lead weight—-on everything they touch.

  9. This is sad news.

    I was in Turkey last week and there was excitement at the prospect of a “Turkish” car company rather than the current cheap labour based foreign assembly operations.

    It is becoming clear that only an established major motor company will be able to overcome the GM position and bridge the gap to new models.

  10. A BIG ThankYou to Mr.Zamier Ahmed and Brightwell Holdings. According to my genuine impressions you were very very much dedicated and painstaking in the Saab cause and I feel you had some of the best intentions any of the suitors of Saab ever had.

    So, thank you here again and I trust you will find a way to take a share in Saab’s future in some way, sometime. Doing so in a way that will be flourishing to both You and Saab.

  11. GM has a big finger in what happens behind the scenes. Even now.

    Either the new owner starts up production a.s.a.p. In which case GM determines who that new owner is. (And GM more trusts the Germans than the Chinese to – for the time being – use GM patents)
    Either the new owner has the financial means to first develop non GM platform based cars. (But dealers need sales and customers need cars TODAY).
    Either the new owner has the factory make something else than Saabs and it’s the end of SAAB.

    It’s guessing, but most reasoning ends up with BMW as the new owner when SAAB stays a brand. However SAAB is the 3rd priority of an administrator. Debtors and factory come first. So you never know what other GM involved scenario might come out that’s good for GM but kills SAAB period. This ain’t about car building anymore but money only. And that’s what happens when administrators come to power / a company goes bankrupt. The only good thing about bankrupcy is that SAAB became cheap to buy for possible new owners.

  12. GM is the epitome of ‘corporate terrorism” … the new type of capitalism exported by the US. The country’s founders would have arrested and executed these ruffians and scoundrels. What a laugh, “at the best interest of the shareholders.” Enough is enough.

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