Swedish Car Day, Issaquah WA

Super unique interior at XXX Rootbeer Drive-in

I had the opportunity to take part in the Swedish Car meeting at XXX RootBeer in Issaquah near Seattle.
Saabs and Volvo gathered for a nice time together and to eat the famous food at XXX Rootbeer http://www.triplexrootbeer.com/

Saabs from Saabs of Bellevue
Approx. 50 Saabs and 75 Volvos gathered. Saab of Bellevue showed three really nice new cars the 9-3 Hirsch from the Detroit Car Exhibit, a 9-4x Aero and a 9-5 Aero.
Should have had posted a iPhone video here but I left Sea-Tac Airport with the phone somewhere at the “S” gate so hope they find the phone and that I will get i t back and the it will be shown here. Not fun to end such a great week with loosing the iPhone…

Ultimate Swedish stand-off at the XXX Root Beer (coral)

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  1. Jorgen, it was a pleasure to meet you and finally put a face to all the wonderful writing you have done for SaabsUnited. Best of luck in retrieving your iPhone and surely come by SAAB of Bellevue for a full tour if you are ever in the Pacific Northwest again.

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