ttela TV: Building the last Saabs (for now)

Yesterday we posted about the Saabs that were finalized at ANA. As a nice addition to that here is a video that ttela made. also provides some footage from the assembly facility:

NOTE: We seem to be experiencing some issues embedding the videos directly. Please follow the and links to watch the videos on their respective sites. Thank you.

25 thoughts on “ttela TV: Building the last Saabs (for now)”

      • Interesting.
        If Till puts the embed code, then it works for him, but only for him. Now it works for me, as I’ve changed the embed code. I think if you change the embed code, then It would work for you, but maybe only for you.

        • Looks like they changed someting, doesn’t work anymore for me now, neither does it on where it still ran this morning…

        • I have made another attempt and added a second bonus video. Links provided to the original page for both, so at least they can be viewed there.

  1. Original version works here in the US on the second try. First try it worked until the guy was finished checking the top, then it froze, but not before turning the SI a brilliant Blue. The second link has no additional link to the SAAB footage. Sure wish that I knew the Swedish language.

    Curious if any of the SAAB’s is a US version?

  2. I’m guessing if these cars rolled down the assembly line – more robotics would be doing the work? To me, these last Saabs are either going to have exceptional build quality since so many parts are being hand fitted OR the build quality will be poor since its a deviation from what was originally engineered.

    If I had to guess, I’d pick the former but would love to hear comments from folks that may have experience with these matters. I kind of like the idea of a hand assembled Saab (take that Ferrari)?

  3. Spoke to a good friend of mine today who had some questions regarding one of the 4 INDIE CV´s (for the swedish market), seams like he is getting a TTiD. Seam to be a lot of people interested in the car so he has to give a definitive YES or NO my 09:00 AM tomorrow. Guess if he can sleep tonight. More on that here if he decides to go 4 it!

    • He decided not to get a INDIE and is now looking for a really nice Turbo X again 4 door. Spoke to another bloke who went to ANA today to look at CV´s and he also turned down the offer. But I believe they will sell the cars like cup-cakes.

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