Visit at Saab Parts AB in Nyköping

This is most probably the least known Saab facility in Sweden. This is the central parts hub. Saab has had offices in Nyköping for many years the whole sales organization worked from here. They say that the people at sales had white shirts and tie here and always more casual in Trollhättan. But that changed when the owner of the clothing brand McGregor became the owner of Saab some years ago then they started to dress up as well.
Saab Parts that presently is controlled by the Swedish Dept office was today swept into snow and a bitter cold. Trucks where running in and out the whole time I waited for the parts.
It was a unique delivery that was not 100% by the book. I got the parts through a swedish dealer. So You guys do not try to do the same thing I did.
Big thank You to the people at Saab Parts and the local Saab dealer in Nyköping.
Good to see that they are busy that only means that there are many happy owners around the world getting their Saabs rolling!

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what a nice chap !


Wow, Saab Parts & SU cooperation. Like your classic Saab Rally striping on the car, that hockey stick shape is still gorgeos ; )



Greg Abbott

Unrelated but newsworthy — BAIC and Matsushita Group contemplate making a joint bid for Saab.


Would still not read too much in that. BAIC only confirmed that they may be interested in certain parts like ePower. I’d judge them as one of the many already trying to get their hand on parts if a complete sale should not happen.


BREAKING NEWS! BAIC and Matsushita making offer to buy Saab and make electric cars.

Red J

Not that breaking.
See the answer from Till72


Ha! Now that’s service. Had I known you took orders, I would’ve asked you to pick me up some heart-shaped Pepparkakor in blue bags to bring to Oregon with you. They don’t seem to be importing it anymore. 🙂


As a Canadian, I have to ask…..What is the story with the Maple Leaf pin on your parka Trued? Caught a glimpse of it at the end of the video.


Same here. Inquiring Canadians want to know. 🙂


I’m also Canadian whats up with that nice Maple leaf pin?

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