German Warranty Solution

As I mentioned before, the team of Saab Germany has been working very hard to secure a warranty solution. Now these efforts have finally come to success. CarGarantie offers an insurance to the German Saab dealers that covers the manufacturer’s warranty. Since it is up to the dealers to effect that insurance I suggest you to see your dealer for details on your particular case.

Further good news is that the German subsidiary of Saab Parts now has the opportunity to support the dealers through goodwill solutions in case of hardship. Of course that budget is very limited but as Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, the head of Saab Germany, told me, they “will try to offer the best possible solution” to their customers within the given means.

Personally I take this as another important step to show a potential investor that the distribution network is still there. At least in Germany the vast majority of the Saab dealers are still there, taking care about their customers. Together with the special spring offer this news about warranty is a good reason to see your dealer for a chat and maybe the purchase of some parts.

2 thoughts on “German Warranty Solution”

  1. Just to let you know that Beherman in Benelux also offers the warranty on Saab cars as originally offered when the car was bought.

  2. Yeah, the sole dealer and importer for Saab in Singapore is still offering warranties to new cars, and honors all existing car warranties. But only 2 9-3 2.0t left and about 7 9-5 22bhp models.

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