Happy birthday TimR!

TimR trying to shed some light on the situation
The co-owner of SU has his birthday today: Happy birthday TimR!

As you all know, the past year has been a trying one for everyone involved with our favorite brand. TimR lives and breathes Saab every hour of every day. Before I re-acquainted myself with the brand, I used to think that most of the people working with Saabs (at the factory and various dealerships) would have an immense collection and knowledge of the brand. TimR is definitively one of those guys. A bit focused on the more modern Saabs perhaps, but certainly nothing wrong with the man’s taste. You will find no trace of “das Boring” in his garage.

TimR has worked hard to bring us news and updates on the situation in THN while also devoting time to other Saab-related projects close to his heart (what more can I say? Stay tuned for more on that!).

So, here’s to another year passed, and let us hope the next one will be a little less interesting while still letting us have all the fun. Cheers, and cake for everyone!

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Grattis på födelsedagen!
Tack till dig och dina kollegor som jobbar hårt för SU och SAAB.


Grattis på födelsedagen!


Grattis 🙂

Tack för allt på SU

/ Göran


I know it’s a bit late know, but better late than never:

Congratulations in arrears, Tim! 🙂

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