Keep Calm…

You know the rest.

Not much left to say right now besides that, however I found this fun little video to divert our attention for a few minutes. If you ever wondered where the poster came from and why it’s so famous today, there’s a very short video after the break which explains it.

As a bonus, if you’re quick enough, you’ll spot an OG 9-3 (possibly NG 900).

23 thoughts on “Keep Calm…”

  1. Actually, it’s a very Saaby video – the climate, the music, the no-nonsense explanatory role, the images that speak to you even if the voiceover was removed.

    Thank you Jeff!

  2. Nice opportunity to thank again, deep heartily, all those who kept calm, carried on, and finally brought us democracy in Germany.

  3. I put a version of the poster up at work: “Keep Calm and Drive a SAAB” (With the Griffin at the top in place of the Crown). I’ve been asked for copies by other Saab drivers! To make your own, google “calm-o-matic”…it’s free and it’s fun.

  4. in comparison to this image everything else is franky boring. When I think of “Keep calm and carry on” this lady will be in my mind-along with Saab.

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