Saab Museum re-opening date corrected and updated

*** U P D A T E *** announces today, march first, that the City of Trollhättan aims to open the Museum on Saturday March 24.

*** U P D A T E ***

Sadly we need to correct the information below. I got a the following message from Peter Backström:

Till, unfortunately the info on Innovatums website was wrong and has been removed. There is no decision taken yet when the museum will be reopened. But we work on it very hard.

We’ll keep you informed. /till72

Currently there are not many news about Saab, but today somebody has sent us a piece of information, that will make some people here at SU happy.

Saab museum opens in March
Saab Car Museum in Innovatum reopens on March 23.

A few months ago a risk existet, that the cars on the Saab Car Museum would be spread over the world, but on January 31 the City Council decided to buy the museum.

The City of Trollhättan won the bidding in conjunction with the defense and security company Saab AB and the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation. The partnership has payed 28 million Swedish Crowns for the museum with the intact car collection.

With regard to the operation of the museum is responsible Trollhättan City and Region Västra Götaland for it. He is currently working to establish Innovatum Science Center’s role in the continued operation.

On 23 March, the Saab Car Museum will reopen to the public.

27 thoughts on “Saab Museum <del>re-opening date</del> corrected and updated”

  1. Great news! Well done to all involved in saving this vitally important collection.

    It goes to show what can be achieved when things are important enough.

    Pity Fiat don’t seem to feel the same way about the Alfa Romeo meseum!

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

  2. Good news. My 2012 vacation schedule is booked but a trip to Trollhattan to see the museum is high on my list for 2013.

    Semi related: Anybody know the outcome of the sale of the Heritage Collection cars in the US? It was reported here that they would be sold as a single lot – but I have word the Skip Barber open wheel race car that was part of the collection is now owned by a private party. I hope the rest of the collection is still together.

  3. That’s Great!
    I’ll be flying into Gothenburg in a few months and once again go to the museum.
    Hopefully AVIS can still provide me with a Saab rental car….

  4. One thought the Innovatum-website was a reliable source of information.
    Well… The important thing is that it WILL be reopened some day.

  5. a Massive Grand-Opening / SAAB-sale (if applicable)- happening would be great! count me in, when you arrange such an event in May! (so, time enough to see what happens with Saab/M&M/YM/who-ever 😉 )

  6. 2 bad Guess the winter holiday go south with a little shopping in Northern Germany instead. Maybee even the gasoline is cheaper than in Denmark. Look forward to the grand opening. 🙂

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