The last cars are on their way

Joachim Lind meet up with media and SaabsUnited today

This morning the cars that have been sitting on the production line, which were bought by ANA, started to leave the factory and headed to the facility where ANA will finish the assembly.

Wheels, steering-wheel and handbrake is fitted to the cars and they are then placed on a transporter and driven the apron 2 km to ANA’s facility. Joachim Lind estimated that assembling the all the cars will take about 1-1,5 months.

In total there are 50 cars and 46 bodies. The difference between a car and body is that a body has not yet had the drive-train fitted to it. For people familiar with what the final assambly factory looks like, its basically the difference between car having entered the MP (marriage point).



15 thoughts on “The last cars are on their way”

  1. please … do not say “the last” all the time, Deep inside, I still have hope ….
    Today is March 30 …. tomorrow March 31 …. What’s up??
    Before the end of March, they would give an answer .. or how it was said?

    • We simply do not know what will happen. The administrator have always said that they had an AIM to have everything cleared up by the end of March.

      Until we have a definitive answer on what Saab’s future will be, these are the last Saab’s…

  2. Here we are at the end of march. An announcement on the fate of Saab must be near. Hopefully any day now. Now is the time to log in to Saabsunited very few hours! Long nights here I come!

  3. Frankly, and although I regret to say this, but I would be surprised if Saab ever returns. I have no doubt that the factory will be purchaed and converted to another use but its been a year since production stopped and that is a really long time. The most loyal fans have moved on, the dealers are weary and there are too many economic issues including GM’s recalcitrance to license its IP that are virtually impossible obstacles to overcome in this economy. I am glad I still own a Saab and hope I am wrong, but am afraid I am not.

    Thank you TimR and the rest of the SU board for an enjoyable blog.

    • I think the fans are still present, just a bit in the background, waiting for what will happen. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I am in a positive mood, not interested in so-called GM IP but in a new upcoming Saab different from the past. Saab has proven a long time that they are able to create innovation. The right people at the right place with their intellectual strength and the belief to invest, forces conflated – it could be reality in a few months. And I hope this blog will never live on history.

  4. “The most loyal fans have moved on”

    I don’t agree with this one. The regular car owners/users might have moved on but not the die-hard fans. They still hope that this almost impossible outcome would realize. Even though I’m now forced to have a Skoda along with my beloved NG900, I still hope from the bottom of my heart that the good news would/could be published in the near future and in 2013 we’d see brand new SAABs coming out of the production line.

  5. Agree on the die hard fan statement. I’m at present running a smal company car next to my 9-3 Sport Sedan. That’s fine for the trip to work and the mall. For long trips and holidays the Saab comes out of the shed. With that approach there should be many more years in the Saab, until the Saab’s come from the production line again.
    There’s simply nothing out there that touches me as much as Saab, so I’m keeping mine as long as I can.

  6. Paddan I 100% DISagree about “the most loyal fans have moved on”.

    The ones that have moved on are FAR from being classified as “the most loyal” or “the diehards”.

    The ones that have moved on are the people that just “had a SAAB” or “drove a SAAB”. They are the ones that (for the most part) only bought a SAAB because of the financial deals and discounts available over the last few years.

    I know that I am focused on 2 things; 1) positive thinking and hoping for a solution, and 2) taking care of my SAABs so they are pristine and I can drive them for years to come without worrying about what to buy next because I will never buy VW, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

    The world – at least MY world – needs SAAB.

  7. It is a sad sight, seeing those beautiful cars leaving the factory uncompleted and maybe as the last SAABs from that factory forever. We will always love SAAB, and these days we have bought a 9-3SS to go alongside with our beloved 9-5 – so now we have two SAABs. Now a 96 would have been awesome…….

    I still have a small hope for SAAB’s return, but it has faded alot the last months. This is so sad, very sad indeed!

    Whishing you all a pleasant Easter, with a lot of nice trips with your SAAB!

    Cheers from Norway ๐Ÿ™‚
    Always on the longest road home with my SAABs. Always!

  8. Hope that this is not the case. I love my 02 Viggen red just repainted and my newly purchased 99 Viggen. 02 has 215,000 miles BSR Stage 3 with original turbo and engine never opened up. 99 is stock, will stay that way. My 2 boys love the 02 and claim that it is undefeated. Used to drive Alfas but they broke all the time. Here in South Florida, parts are getting very hard to find. I bought the 99 as a parts car but it is mint so we have 2. I hope this can be worked out for all of us. GO VIGGEN GO as my 10 year old says.

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