Bosse Hellberg has passed away

Bosse Hellberg who was the Saab Rally Team manager from 1962-1980 has passed away at an an age of 80.

He created a very professional team for Saab rallying at a previously unheard of level. With drivers like Erik Carlsson, Pat Moss, Calle Orrenius, Ove Andersson, Tom Trana, Simo Lampinen, Per Eklund and Stig Blomquist he managed to do miracles with limited funds. Making world class rally cars out of standard production vehicles that was mildly transformed into winners.

Bosse was one of the founders of the Swedish Rally Drivers Club and was active in KAK Royal Automobile Club of Sweden.
I had the pleasure to meet him a year ago when he started the swedish cars in Stockholm bound to Monte Carlo and the Monte Carlo Rally.
Saab and the Saab world has lost a friend who made Saab well known around the globe through the rally cars and victories.

Our deepest condolences and prayers goes out to Bosse´s family, his son Mikael and daughter Helena.

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My deepest condolences to his family and friends.


I add mine to these condolences as well.
Hope the good memories will help his family to get over the actual grief.


We need more men like him.


Always sad when great men go.
Those were the days.


My condolences to familie and friends


I’m too young to have heard of him, but it’s always sad when good people die. My condolences to his family.


He was a great man and deepest condolences to his family, friends and all other he was close to.


Thank you sir for your contributions to Saab’s identity and appeal. Such will not to be forgotten.

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