Is your Club out this weekend?

If you are out and about this weekend with your club, why not tell us what you are doing.

My local club here in England, South West Saab, are attending a big classic show organised by Footman James. The Bristol Classic Car Show takes place at the Bath and West showground just outside Shepton Mallet in Somerset.
GWS, the local Bristol club offered the space to SWS this year and we happily accepted.

Alex Rankin, who also writes the Classic 900 section in the SOC magazine, took up the challenge and arranged for seven Saabs to be on display. The only one who could not make the show due to clutch problems was a 99 turbo “Barn Find” with only 10,000 originl miles on the clock. He will be at Swedish day though.
The other six arrived at the show ground just after 2pm yesterday and then it was all go to set the stand up.
We have three Classic 900 turbos, a 2 door, 3 door and 5 door. A family 900 and 99 and a very special “run out model” 96 Souvenir.

I have put a few pictures of the set up on my flickr account at and I will update it later after todays show.

Enjoy your weekend and let us know what your club is doing.

Updated, fantastic day had, more photos added at above link. Hope Sundays show will be great too.
Update 2, the mentioned video can be seen on you tube,

18 thoughts on “Is your Club out this weekend?”

  1. Oh..we’ll be having a little event her in Denmark tomorrow at Ole Sommers Car Museum, which has a special Saab exhibition at the moment.
    As far as I know it will be a pretty good tournout with representative from all the 3 Danish Saab Clubs and some extra visits from Sweden.

  2. Robin, looks like a great show that showcases a great selection of cars telling the history of Saab. Love the video on your flickr of all the cars driving by.

    • I had Alex’s video camera running at the same time and he is going to put a film together of the whole event when its all put to bed.

  3. Which car got most of my attention? Hmm wonder if it wasn’t that Aquamarine Blue ’81, I believe. Nice 99 and kudos to the other C900s there as well as the other participants. Well done.

    • It was nice that they all got a lot of attention. The 99’s original owner turned up on the stand which was a great surprise. A lot of the older people remembered loving their 96’s. And a couple who were just about finished with a full restoration of a 95 were looking forward to showing their pride and joy of at Swedish Day. A great day for us and Saab and we look forward to doing it all again on Sunday.

  4. We are trying to get our club more active and we just met up for dinner. We talked in the parking lot for a bit and then went inside to eat. Nothing nearly as cool as this but at least a few Saab owners getting together to talk Saab.

  5. Enjoyed a nice drive to East Texas for a low-key Saab gathering! Weather was perfect! The area’s resident 9-4X was present along with two new 9-3s and my beloved ’96 900SE! It’s not about quantity…it’s about quality!!

  6. Yes, I was there, helping to field questions from the public – some even getting back into the fold after many years, an inspiration. Many thanks to all those who put in the hard work this year.

    Great Western Saabs

  7. Just got back from this show….although I could not make it yesterday I spent the day there today and it was great to talk to so many passionate visitors to our stand. Some of them not even ever having owned a Saab but so happy and pleased to come and talk to us about the brand and our cars, a great weekend at a great show that showed the public the spirit of SAAB will live on forever. Thanks guys for a truly great joint effort.


  8. Indeed. A gentleman I was talking to is now off to buy a 96, and is looking at one next week. Apparently he had one around 40 years ago from new. Obviously, left him with fond memories.

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